Shopify Lists The Top Six Press Release Distribution Agencies

Las Vegas, NV, United States – 02-26-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Shopify is a well-known name when it comes to E-Commerce. It is a platform that helps you sell products to customers anywhere around the world without getting into any technical details. Shopify, one of the largest E-commerce platforms revealed its views on the importance of press release distribution


The blog post starts with the information on the press release, its benefits, the types, and tips on how to craft a news-worthy press release that journalists like to share. 


Shopify also spotlights various reputable PR agencies that they think are good enough to solve any business marketing or PR distribution-related issues.


Shopify recommended six PR agencies

PR Distribution




PR Newswire



What makes a Top PR service?

The top PR distribution agencies are ranked based on their reputation in the industry, pricing, and customer satisfaction. To be included as one of the top PR agencies, an agency must meet the highest standards of service, affordability, and reliability. 


At the end of the day, it comes down to the credibility of the PR writing, editing, and distribution ecosystem that syndicate the news release for maximum exposure. With Shopify’s mention, It takes years of experience to build a PR strategy that actually works and drives new sales leads, increases brand awareness, and builds traffic. 


If you are a small business and looking for extended outreach, build brand awareness, it’s time to act now. PR, Inc. can take your marketing efforts to the next level without breaking the bank. To date, they have written and published thousands of press releases read and shared by people all over the country. 


About PR Distribution™

PR Distribution™ is a leading PR agency based in Las Vegas, specializing in press release writing and distribution. PR, Inc. aims to simplify PR distribution by making the whole process straightforward and authentic. With a transparent PR distribution pricing model, they offer a wide range of services to help businesses to connect with customers, media outlets, and investors. So, whether you want to reach out to a wider audience, prospective customers, stakeholders, or have a story to share with the community, you can contact PR, Inc. at What they offer is simple – the most authentic PR coverage with maximum visibility and SEO results.

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