JobHireHub partners with iDenfy to enhance its platform

Kaunas, Lithuania – 02-28-2022 –

iDenfy will now be responsible for verifying JobHireHub’s customers’ identities


iDenfy, an identity verification company based in Lithuania, establishes a partnership with JobHireHub to handle its clients’ ID verifications.


Trust is a virtue that has to be earned. The premise is especially relevant in today’s world, influenced by the prevalence of fraud. 


Freelancers and the businesses/individuals employing them know this very well. Both are susceptible to mischief – freelancers have to tread carefully when submitting their work before being fully paid, while the customers should know better than to pay up-front for the work that hasn’t been done yet. 


Many websites tackle the issue by acting as the middleman between the two. Freelancers and their clients can put their trust in the platform overseeing the interests of both. It’s a great solution, but it has problems of its own, such as expensive fees. 


JobHireHub, a project planning and hiring platform operating as a freelance marketplace. It is disrupting the industry by offering 3% transaction fees compared to upwards of 20 % charged by its competitors. However, the platform is still susceptible to fraudulent actors. It is incredibly challenging to ensure the safety and security of the clients putting their trust in the platform without a reliable identity verification method set in place. 


To fulfill its aim of creating trust between the freelancers and their clients, JobHireHub began a search for a suitable partner that could make the onboarding process swift and reliable. 


iDenfy, an identity verification company providing services for the financial, sharing-economy, gaming, transport, and many other industries, knows the ID verification industry in and out. The low cost of the service, excellent customer support, and hassle-free verification were the factors that led JobHireHub to choose iDenfy as the partner to fill the gap present in the platform successfully.


“JobHireHub is a project management platform that helps product owners manage their projects with ease and at a reasonable cost. We think that by keeping our fees low then freelancers get to keep more of what they earn, and in turn pass those savings on to our clients. It’s a win/win. Freelancers earn and keep more and our clients pay less. Working with iDenfy has been a great partnership as they help us keep fees low and our platform safe,” said Keney Lamaute, Founder of JobHireHub.


“It seems only natural that JobHireHub chose us as their partners and we are very glad to welcome them aboard. Both it and iDenfy share a vision of user-friendly customer-first experience. I can predict a solid, long-term partnership,” said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.

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