LaxRatz Sports Videography Launches all new Ground-Level High School Lacrosse Game Coverage

Los Angeles, California, United States – 02-28-2022 –

High school lacrosse videography company, LaxRatz not only gives its members a front row seat to the SoCal lacrosse community, now it puts them on the field. After providing first-rate multimedia services for over a decade, the sports video production company is now launching ground-level camera coverage to bring viewers as close to the action as possible. With the new LaxRatz coverage format, lacrosse enthusiasts can now see the kick of the turf, the seams on the ball, and the bounce of the net.


“This is like having a dirt cam and field cam all in one,” said a company spokesperson. “It provides a whole, new vantage point on lacrosse dodges, spins, scoops and shoots.” The new camera offerings utilize new technology but require the skill and expertise of a seasoned crew that knows the game’s tempo and understands its nuances.


LaxRatz films for 17 high school boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams in Southern California and provides sizzling highlight footage and comprehensive game reels. They also offer professional recruitment videos for athletes seeking to pursue a college sports career. 


Highlight reels have become a must-have in college recruiting and LaxRatz has a track record of getting the attention of collegiate coaches. Their alumni have been snatched up by some of the most elite college lacrosse programs in the country.


They also serve up a regular LaxWrap session with experts from the SoCal high school lacrosse scene who provide commentary on teams to watch and stars in the making. In addition, they have an exciting ‘Top Ten Plays of the Week’ review with a weekly winner and weekly prizes. 


LaxRatz provides up close and personal coverage of the entire Southern California high school lacrosse scene — but most of all, they empower student athletes to pursue their dreams. From practice to playoffs, from concept to delivery — LaxRatz prides itself on creating slick competition highlights and professional game film.


Find out more about LaxRatz here or call to book game coverage or order an athlete highlight reel at: 818-921-6615.

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