Champions Mortgage Announces Collaboration with Steadkey

Seminole, FL, United States – 03-03-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

In the mortgage industry, there is a lack of good platforms that combine all of the necessary tools in one place. Many of the current tools on the market are disjointed — they address a few niche needs, but it’s often inconvenient and clunky to align all of them.

Champions Mortgage is looking to address this issue alongside Steadkey. The combined Champions and Steadkey platform promises several exciting features:

  • – Instant approval letters and estimates
  • – Automatic reminders for agents and buyers
  • – Automatic requests for important documents
  • – Safe, secure portal for buyers to upload their documents
  • – MLOs, realtors, and buyers all on one platform


This gives loan officers, realtors and buyers the unparalleled ability to see what’s happening at every stage of the home loan process. This includes whether the loan application has been completed, if important mortgage documents have been uploaded on time, and if the purchase contract has been signed.


Realtors get access to automated pre-approval letters and insight into pre-approval amounts. They get real-time data on the status of liens, title clearances, and appraisals.


LOs no longer have to spend as much time providing status updates through phone calls and emails. Buyers can simply go to their dashboard and find the information they need.


This collaboration between Champions Mortgage and Steadkey provides a tighter timeline for home loans with much more collaboration and teamwork to close homes on time. Buyers can get the keys to their dream home in less time than ever.

To get access to the features, visit their platform and website here.


Be sure to stay tuned — Champions Mortgage has exciting new surprises in the future (hint: ones that may revolutionize the industry).

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