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Gold Coast, Australia – 03-03-2022 –

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With people desperately seeking meaning to their lives, or trying to find the answers to fundamental questions on their existence, the award-winning magazine. The Avatar Tribune may offer a route to self fulfilment.


The Avatar Tribune is a quarterly journal available in three formats ie video, print and digital. The Avatar Tribune is more a manual for existence than typical coffee table fodder. Its video issue has been declared the winner at several international film festivals in recent months. 


It covers the life and teachings of Prashant Trivedi aka PT, a spiritual leader who is bringing back Vedic knowledge, which PT maintains is the most timeless and perfect knowledge system on the plane-t. PT hails from India. His spiritual journey took him on a pilgrimage to live with the Hopi Native American tribe of Arizona before embarking on a mission to bring back the lost teachings and revive the way of life of the Veds, an ancient heritage steeped in PT‘s own birth country. 


The Avatar Tribune latest Video Issue 5



The crisis of the last 2 years and the current threat of escalating global conflict prods us all to ask the obvious ie. “Where are we all headed now and in the future?”.



PT says people have lost their connection with nature and this is one of the major problems. The Avatar Tribune explores this topic in both a scientific and spiritual way. 


The Avatar Tribune has also been bringing attention to the crop circle phenomena which PT says mainstream news has ignored for over 40 years even though crop circles are concrete evidence of supernatural phenomena, other dimensions and other intelligent lifeforms. 


PT not only visits crop circle sites regularly but plays music in the fields where they appear, as well as decodes their messages and symbolism. 



The Avatar Tribune showcases PT‘s sound and light sonics along with topics like Vedic Astrology, a system of astrology that is not widely used in the mainstream but which relates to the stars as they actually appear in the sky. The Avatar Tribune informs that western astrology including the popular sun sign astrology is outdated as it only relates to the sky as it appeared 2000 years ago and has nothing to do with the present.


The most pertinent message in The Avatar Tribune is the promise that we as a human race can start our shift towards a new and better age of humanity, a golden age where there is health, abundance and peace for all. The steps towards that goal are encapsulated in the teachings of PT. From many testimonials PT‘s teachings have been impacting not only people’s emotional and mental wellbeing positively but also their physical health in dramatic ways.


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Lotus Ocean Australia is a subsidiary of Lotus Ocean based in London, UK. Lotus Ocean is an internationally renowned Vedic and meditation teaching program and currently conducts classes in UK, Australia, Poland, India, Nepal, France, Albania, USA, Norway, Sweden, Greece and Italy. Founded in 2006 Lotus Ocean has been conducting hundreds of conferences and talks on Vedic science through numerous online portals, radio, television and at spiritual festivals in Europe, India and USA. In 2020 Lotus Ocean teachings were broadcast on Nepal National TV, Hathway Channel 125 in Mumbai and Shraddha (an all-India Vedic channel). 

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