Tripsters Holds Largest NFT Giveaway in History with 4 Bored Apes Valued at $1.3 Million

Miami, United States – 03-07-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The innovative project is gaining worldwide attention after going live just one week ago.

Tripsters, the world-famous collection of 10,000 psychedelic mushrooms and toads chilling on the Ethereum Blockchain, is making history with the largest NFT giveaway on the planet.

Creating a new concept in the NFT space, Tripsters is revolutionizing the NFT sphere by bringing you the first collection that combines 2 NFTs to create a third unique token.

And people are noticing. The Tripsters community is already booming. With over 45k followers on Twitter in one week of going live, Tripsters is gaining legitimate media attention while becoming one of the most talked-about pre-mint launches ever seen in the NFT space. With NFT markets exploding over the last 6 months, Tripsters is aiming to provide a blue-chip level project to the NFT community, filling the huge demand for highquality development and utility-based projects.

In addition to their game-changing innovation in the NFT world, Tripsters is hosting the largest NFT giveaway in history, valued at over $1.3M. The Tripsters’ Bored Ape Giveaway will give four Bored Apes from the original BAYC to four lucky Tripsters owners, at selected mint milestones. The winners will be chosen through smart contracts and the wallet addresses randomly selected.

Tripsters will be compatible with other NFT collections in the future, but they’re coming out of the gate with a bang: The first Tripsters’ airdrop will be compatible with the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. 

So how does this interactive token work? After mint, Tripsters owners receive an airdropped baggie of psychedelic mushrooms or toad venom. If the Tripsters owner owns a Bored Ape, they can enter the Trip Generator Room where the baggie will be burned, and a new trippy version of their Ape created. The original Ape stays unchanged, while a completely new Trippy Ape NFT is created. 

In a world exploding with new tokens at every turn, Tripsters has found a brand new angle, and it’s a game-changer. The concept of interactive NFTs is totally new in the NFT space and is what sets Tripsters apart as the next must-have token. 

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