Press Release NFT Launched by PR Distribution: Press Releases Permanently Stored on Blockchain to Establish Permanent Legacy for Organizations

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – 03-13-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

PR Distribution™ is the leading press release distribution platform, helping over 7,000 customers send out more than 35,000 press releases to high authority media outlets. PR Distribution is the 1st company in the world to launch and offer Press Release NFT™, taking press releases and transforming them into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are permanently stored on the blockchain.


Retail stores and restaurants often hang press coverage, awards, etc. in frames on their walls for customers to see. These artifacts carry sentimental value to the stakeholders because it is a part of the company’s history and legacy. There are flaws with this though. Many businesses make an impact within the communities they serve but are not deemed newsworthy enough for newspapers and trade magazines to cover them. Another major drawback is that physical print degrades overtime. The artifacts can be scanned, but the copies wouldn’t be the original artifact.


Press Release NFT™ solves this problem by letting business owners and stakeholders own the original artifacts of their company, in an indestructible format that is permanently stored onto the blockchain. Press Release NFTs can be verified for its authenticity by anyone. Information such as the NFT originator, ownership, timestamp and transactional history are publicly available to anyone to check.


Press Release NFTs can be embedded onto your website; or shared to your customers, prospects and investors through social media, messaging and email. Press Release NFTs can also be beautifully displayed physically in your retail store, restaurant, showroom or office using a digital picture frame specifically designed to showcase NFTs called an NFT display frame.


PR Distribution has been a pioneer in the digital space, being the 1st major press release distribution company in the world to:


1. Implement AMP pages technology for lightning fast page loading on mobile, leveraging Google’s CDN (content delivery network)

2. Accept Bitcoin

3. Accept alt coins such as Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot and stable coins such as USD Coin, Dai and Tether

4. Offer press release distribution infused with guaranteed editorial placement

5. And now, offer Press Release NFT using our PR Distribution Web3 technology, a collection of technologies and processes we leverage to bring our customers to Web3.


Join the Web3 technological revolution with PR Distribution’s Press Release NFT! 






To get started, please contact us through live chat, tickets or email at and ask about Press Release NFTs.


This press release is “Press Release NFT #1”. 


Press Release NFT #1


Press Release NFT #1 – OG Edition


We mint an OG Edition (originator’s edition) for us to choose to keep, transfer to somebody else, or sell to somebody else.


Disclaimer: Press Release NFT is a branded service of PR Distribution, which mints ‘Press Release NFTs’ (as plural and ‘Press Release NFT’ as singular). These Press Release NFTs hold zero monetary value when we mint them, and they are not investments.

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