Green Energy Ideology Misguided

Huntingdon Valley, PA – 03-15-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Forging a New America How American Liberalism and Climate Change Landed Us in Siberia promotes idea that the full climate story is not being told to the American public.


The United Nations, most academia, the major media, leftist politicians, certain billionaires, and the current president of the United States are all out to remove fossil fuels as humanities’ major source of energy in order to end their perceived “climate crisis” and to “save our planet”. Now 4.6 billion years old.


Notes Roger Colley, author of the novella cited above, our children are being educated without learning the full story of our never-ending, complicated climate change – the natural climate variability of the earth’s elliptical path around the sun, its wobble, its changing annual 23 degree tilt causing our four seasons, the variable flow of warm and cold ocean currents, the unpredictable changing flows of our jet streams, the yet unknown variable effect of clouds and water vapor which are by far the biggest greenhouse gas, the many unreleased to the general public scientific studies that conclude increased releases of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere have a very rapidly diminishing effect as a greenhouse gas trapping heat. More research, better disclosure, and more balance are all called for. Science is never done.



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