Here’s How You Can Make A Financial Pivot Today!

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Published in Paperback on 24th November 2021, 

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If ever there was a time to rethink your financial habits. It’s NOW! Unfortunately, this is a lesson that many learned the hard way. Over 42% of the pandemic layoffs became permanent job losses due to the fact that 4 million jobs vanished forever. “Making Your best Pivot” was created to be a turning point for those who have been displaced by recent current events or those needing a financial change but don’t know where to turn. The content inside is meant to shift the mind as well as the wallet. Learn how many are generating income in the old and new systems of money, despite the turbulent times. 

The book provides options to create the life many desire to live and on their terms. It opens their minds to the upcoming shifts that are taking place in the economy. It’s a starting manual for families as well as individuals to set goals in order to build wealth to pass for many generations. 

“…being limited on income, limits your options as well as traps you into uncomfortable, less conducive situations, which ultimately reduces your freedoms.” states author D. Jay Shanell. 

Purchase Making Your Best Pivot: Maneuvering in Times of Crisis now by visiting: (Also available on Amazon) 

D. Jay Shanell was born in a small town in South Carolina. She was a teen-mom turned scientist with a knack for generating passive income. Her goal in working with Pivot Media Group is to help countless others do the same. The devastation brought on by the latest pandemic exposed how much a book like this is needed. 

Pivot Media Group is helping others make the shift from paycheck-to-paycheck living to creating the life they desire by achieving more economic freedom. The group created a challenge known as the “Pre-game Pivot Challenge” in order to help others learn how to maneuver money like a bank while providing their “Pivoters” with simple, easy-to-follow methods to generate extra income. 

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