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Taking Personal Document Storage To New Heights

Dateline: DALLAS, TEXAS, March 26, 2022 — My Personal Dox just launched its first Kickstarter campaign!

My Personal Dox allows users to securely organize important records online and grant access to loved ones now or in the future without sharing passwords. It gives families peace of mind that they will have what they need in case of an emergency. This is even more important with the increase in natural disasters across America. Having vital documents online has helped many families.

My Personal Dox is designed to be user-friendly. It includes nine categories, each with its own checklist that lists everything that might be needed. The program allows customers to securely upload vital records such as deeds, leases, car titles, loans, insurance policies, bank and brokerage information, and more. 

Customers can select up to five representatives to receive access to the account – now or in the future. These representatives are able to upload new documents to the account, but cannot remove any of the listed records. This ensures the integrity of the account.

Leslie Frazier, Manager at My Personal Dox, LLC says, “We are excited about launching on Kickstarter. Although the user functionality is GREAT, we still have some admin functionality we want to complete.”

“Thank you! My Personal Dox was straightforward which I appreciate at 82 years old. I love that I can make sure my family will have everything they need when I’m gone.” Judy B.

“Your website is easy to use and includes everything I need.” Cheryl B.

“I love that my kids will have easy access without having to take time off work to fly home and dig through files. Plus, I have access to everything I need if anything happens while I’m on vacation.” Bob F.

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My Personal Dox is a secure, online personal document storage site that allows you to give family access now or in the future without sharing passwords.


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