Nearly 80% of transgender and nonbinary individuals who also identify as female feel excluded from Women’s History Month

San Francisco, California, United States – 03-31-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

In a survey assessing perceptions on gender equity, 78.95% of non-binary and transgender workers expressed feeling left out of celebrations of Women’s History Month. The survey offers a look into how non-binary and transgender people are perceiving workplace equity as well as gender equality as a whole.

The San Francisco-based researchers of Good Works Consulting, a human capital consulting firm, surveyed a group of approximately 100 full-time employed people in the US, a majority of whom reported that their gender is different from one assigned to them at birth. Respondents self-identified according to as many gender and gender identity categories as applied, including cisgender, transgender, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, male, and female.

Overview of findings:

  • More than half of transgender and nonbinary respondents do not feel included in their organization’s efforts intended to create gender equity (55.56%)
  • More than half of transgender respondents do not agree that they are paid fairly (60%).
  • More than half of transgender and non-binary respondents do not agree that transgender and nonbinary people are provided fair treatment as compared to cisgender people at their organization (57.89%)
  • Nearly half of transgender and nonbinary respondents do not agree that they have equal professional opportunities within their organizations (44.44%%)

When asked what they felt was the largest barrier to gender equity in the organization, participants listed things such as sexism, lack of representation, and company policies.

Quotes from survey respondents: 

“Nonbinary persons in our organization are indeed given less respect, but it’s not necessarily expressed or obvious. You can just tell that cis people are given preference for taking on projects, leadership roles, and the like.”

“Not realizing how much more we have to put up with on a personal level and the exhaustion of the constant misgendering at work and the responsibility to educate others because no one else has bothered to do so.”

“I don’t expect that the methods used by the organization to challenge discrimination can change people because there are vested interests that work against true equality.”

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