Following The Success Of Its Online Bible Seminars, Shincheonji Church Of Jesus Hosts A Global Pastor’s Conference For Over 1,200 Pastors Who Have Signed MOUs

Chicago, Illinois, United States – 04-01-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Shincheonji will be hosting a conference to present the current status of MOUs globally and share the opinions of pastors who have signed the MOU on April 2nd, 11am CDT.

ILLINOIS, April 1st, 2022 –  On the 2nd of April, a Global Pastors’ Conference hosted by Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Shincheonji Church) will be held online through Zoom. The Conference is hosted by Lee Man-hee, Chairman of Shincheonji Church, while the guests include pastors who have signed MOUs with Shincheonji Church, journalists, government officials, leaders in academia, and other esteemed attendees – in total, at least 66 different countries will be represented at this global event.

The conference has two segments and will conclude with a Q&A session. In the first segment, Shincheonji Church will present the status of their MOU partnerships with pastors and will give the opportunity to some pastors to share their experiences with working with Shincheonji Church. The second segment will be led by Chairman Lee Man-Hee and will cover the topic of “The Role of Pastors in this Era”. Lastly, there will be an opportunity for questions to be asked.

Among the topics that will be discussed in these segments, Shincheonji Church will also share about their upcoming seminar following the conclusion of their Parables Seminar, as well as discuss about the future of the Ukraine war, and the meaning of the war spoken of in the Christian Bible in Matthew 24.

The reason behind Shincheonji Church’s decision to host such a conference at this time is due to the fact that the world is undergoing unprecedented and difficult times. From COVID-19 to the Ukrainian conflict, Shincheonji Church recognizes  that these difficulties have pushed the global village to unite and to support one another. 

An official from Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “Across the world, more and more people are experiencing diseases, disasters, and hardships due to COVID-19 and thinking deeply about the meaning of life and suffering, and more and more people require religion. Religion must be able to provide answers to these people. In the religious world where face-to-face activities are limited, education of the Word will become more important, and eventually, places with the words of the Bible will have no choice but to grow.”

In particular, COVID-19 had a significantly detrimental effect on communities, mental health and also the religious world. In fact, many statistics showed a severe and lasting drop in the religious population, especially in Europe. Moreover, misinformation has proliferated with some conspiracy theories even going as far as linking the meaning of “666” with the COVID-19 vaccine – causing social unrest and making it even more difficult for authorities to combat the virus. 

As a result of these difficult circumstances, Shincheonji Church will be hosting the conference with the intention of helping Christians and offering resources to pastors. The Church has also tried to rally the religious world by promoting seminars and religious dialogues through the Church’s Revelation and parables seminars held late last October and early this January respectively.  As a result of these, media from all over the world requested to hold press conferences. The first of these conferences was in the Philippines, with the next being in North and South America and then Africa. The April 2nd conference is the next in the series of global press conferences that the church has undertaken. 

Shincheonji’s Global Conference on “The Role of Pastors in this Era” can be viewed live on April 2nd, 11am CDT through the following link:  ( For more information, contact [email protected]


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