JengaLabs Active Dryer properly dries 3D printer filaments

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. – 04-05-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

JengaLabs is launching a filament drying accessory for 3D printers. While multiple methods for filament drying or pre-processing exist, none balance usability, functionality, and price. The Active Dryer by JengaLabs features the essential functions while maintaining ease of use—and it comes in a price range for both entry and enterprise users.

Using innovative airflow, advanced heat-exchange mechanisms, and standard parts, JengaLabs cuts cost and maintains good aesthetics. With temperature and humidity control, the Active Dryer has preset drying profiles, depending on the material you use, as well as a custom-set drying profile.

Almost all thermoplastic materials are vulnerable to hygroscopicity. That’s the tendency of a solid substance to absorb moisture, which damages plastic at the molecular level. Undried 3D nylon can string, ooze, bubble, crack, warp, and deform. Properly drying the nylon removes both the moisture on the surface of the plastic and bulk moisture inside the plastic. This can achieve improved surface consistency and improved interlayer adhesion throughout the model. Proper drying also results in improved mechanical properties and a significant increase in tensile strength.

3D printing with dry filament creates successful, consistent mechanical and chemical results. And the Active Dryer provides high-performance active drying, limiting its drying temperature depending on the spool material used.

Traditional 3D printer dryers typically operate like an oven with a heated plate, no airflow circulation, and uncontrolled drying. Due to that, the filament spool can deform from long exposure to high temperatures, which also damages filament.

JengaLabs Active Dryer uses a hot-air drying principle with 360o air circulation and PID control for controlled drying. Offering optimized temperatures at different stages of drying, the Active Dryer prevents overheat deformation and filament degradation.

The Active Dryer comes with a modular architecture that includes the Material Drying Unit (MDU) and the Material Management Unit (MMU). It has design inspirations from the iconic elements of Hong Kong, which is reminiscent of a colorful, vibrant, bustling urban city with a structured appearance.

The Active Dryer takes care of your filaments for improved dimensional accuracy, minimizing warping and deformation. It also results in a stable, predictable printing process that prevents jamming, clots, etc.

The Active Dryer launches on April 5th, starting at a Super Early Bird price of $389—40% off the MSRP of $650. Backers can add on an MMU Unit for $89.

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JengaLabs brand is a 3D printing technology company that focuses on the development of innovative additive manufacturing processes, techniques, workflows, and technologies to move the AM industries. In the coming years, JengaLabs plans to launch various product lines and technologies to be one of the leaders in the industry.

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