Pastors Share The Benefits of Partnering With Shincheonji Church Of Jesus to Teach Their Congregations

Chicago, Illinois, United States – 04-05-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, Temple of Tabernacle Testimony hosted the “Worldwide Conference for Pastors in partnership with Shincheonji church” on April 2nd, on Zoom, with more than 1,500 pastors and media personnel from around the world participating.

ILLINOIS, Apr. 05, 2022 – Shincheonji Church of Jesus held this event to share the status and cases of MOU partnerships (memorandum of understanding) with pastors. Kim Shin-Chang, head of the Overseas mission Department of the Shincheonji Church General Assembly, explained the background of the MOUs signed, stating, “In last August, after the Shincheonji online Word seminar for African pastors, attendees made a request for a MOU for exchange in teaching, and in September, for the first time, the God’s Presence worship church of Uganda signed an MOU with Shincheonji Church of Jesus.”

Shincheonji Church of Jesus showcased cases of pastors who have signed the partnership agreement to receive words of revelation, and their responses. Among them, Kim Dong-Su from Peace church of Korea, confessed his perception on salvation was inaccurate, stating that, “In the past, I thought, saying ‘Believe in Jesus’ is a way of bringing salvation. I considered heaven as a place to go after we die, without actual reality. I thought we would resurrect after we die.”.  

Pastor Kim is currently teaching the revealed word of Shincheonji Church of Jesus to his congregants. He said, “Now the time has come, I want all pastors to gather here to learn and understand, so that they are living with correct truth and keeping their faith,” adding, “I want to relay the revealed word of Shincheonji to my fellow ministers.  I eagerly desire for them to realize their misunderstanding of salvation and learn this teaching.”

Another participant, Pastor Wilfried Endohu, who has run a church in Ivory Coast for 11 years and also works as a professor at a seminary, enrolled at the Zion Mission Center and is currently taking lesson 16 of the Introductory course.  He said, “While listening to Shincheonji lectures, my previous perceptions and knowledge of the Bible have been shattered and changed. The reality of Jesus and the word has deeply touched my heart.” He also shared his ambition in receiving this Shincheonji teaching, adding, “Once I finish studying the revealed word, I would like to convey it properly. I want to share it with my congregants who have followed me for eight years.”

He concluded, “I would like to express my gratitude to the Chairman. Thanks to him, I was able to receive the revealed word from God. If one had not met God and Jesus, he would not be able to deliver such deep teaching.” He implored, “Pastors, what I have seen and confirmed is that the answer to every question is in the Bible, and Shincheonji testifies to this according to the Bible. I hope you will come and verify.”

Following Pastor Endohu, Chairman Lee of Shincheonji Church spoke about why he delivered this conference to pastors and “The Role of Pastors in this Era”.

Chairman Lee explained, “The Book of Revelation is about re-creation. In Revelation 21, the first heaven and first earth pass away and the new heaven and the new earth is created. It refers to re-creation of man and all things.” He said, “ At the time of the book of Revelation, it is to create God’s new kingdom, new people by harvesting and sealing those  born of God’s seed.

He continued, “To engrave the words of the entire chapters of Book of Revelation is to harvest and nurture those who are born of God’s and to make them the people of God’s kingdom”, then presented the role of pastors today, stating, “[For this] Jesus has shown the events of the entire chapters of the book of Revelation and commanded to testify to all churches.”

Chairman Lee concluded by saying, “We must become the Independence army of God’s kingdom to recoup what God has lost. Fighting and overcoming the devil with the blood of Jesus and the words of testimony and creating the people of the kingdom of God will bring the world God comes and reigns after 6,000 years. God has made known to us through the Bible.”, encouraging “I hope you will engrave the entire chapters of the Book of Revelation, the law of heaven, in your heart. There is only one God, one Bible and one hope. And we who believe in God are also one. We are one!”

Pastors, seminaries globally are signing MOUs and inviting instructors from Shincheonji to teach their congregation. An example that was given was of a ‘New age non-denominational church’ in the United States that has asked for an instructor of Shincheonji Church of Jesus to teach its more than 100 members. There is a pastor in the Philippines who is now teaching congregation members after learning the teaching from Shincheonji Church of Jesus. In Pakistan, the head of a seminary has signed an MOU and will begin the Shincheonji Zion Christian Mission center course this year.

According to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, there are 958 churches, 22 seminaries, and 2,155 pastors from 67 countries who have signed MOUs and shared the revealed word of Shincheonji. Shincheonji Church of Jesus has been actively interacting with churches and seminaries that have signed MOUs to achieve shared goals, including Bible education, by supporting Shincheonji theological materials and instructors.

At the conclusion of the local experience of the global conference, the Midwest branch of Shincheonji was joined, among others, by Dr. Barbara Reynolds, a Washington Post columnist who writes on political, religious, social and cultural issues.  Dr. Reynolds holds many titles, including that of co-author of a posthumous memoir of her friend, Coretta Scott King.  

There will be a rerun of the event on Thursday April, 7th at 7pm CST on the following link:  

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