Sue Phillips Celebrated by IAOTP for her Selection as Top Inspirational Scent Marketing Expert Of The Year

New York, NY, United States – 04-08-2022 –

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Sue Phillips is a Writer, Public Speaker, Published Author, Expert in Fragrance, Perfume, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Owner & Founder of Scenterprises Inc. was recently selected by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) as the Top Inspirational Scent Marketing Expert of the Year for 2022 she is a self-proclaimed Scentrepreneur®, and Dr Ward Bond has crowned her “The First Lady of Fragrance”.

Inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor, and only 1 member is selected for this distinction. Ms. Phillips is being recognized for her exemplary efforts and genuine dedication to inspire and empower professionals all over the world, while enhancing society through her service. Over the past year Ms. Phillips has helped more than 100 people suffering from Anosmia due to Covid regain their sense of smell with her Scent Healing™ and from other viral problems. Sue has more than 35 years of professional experience in the Cosmetic and Fragrance Industry. She will receive this distinction at IAOTP’s 2022 Annual Awards Gala being held at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas this December.  

The President of IAOTP Stephanie Cirami stated, “We are honored to have Ms. Phillips a part of the IAOTP family. She is an inspirational leader, who uses her marketing expertise in every role she has served. Being recognized by IAOTP as a unique individual, she has maintained her commitments to her community and shows extraordinary efforts in all she is affiliated with. We know we will continue to see great things from this amazing woman.”

Ms. Phillips has certainly proven herself as an accomplished professional and expert in the Cosmetic and Fragrance Industry. She is a dynamic results-driven leader who has demonstrated success in every position she has ever held. Currently, Sue is the Founder and CEO of Scenterprises Inc. She recently established SUE PHILLIPS FRAGRANCE, (formerly THE SCENTARIUM) launched last August which is New York’s first Custom Perfumery.

Prior to serving in her current roles, Sue held executive positions as a business leader within Fragrance and as a Marketing expert for companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Royal Brands, Burberry Fragrances, Lancôme Fragrances, the Lancaster division of Coty US, Inc., Trish McEvoy Ltd., Avon, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tiffany & Co., Oilily Brands, and the Men’s Grooming Collection from Lancôme’s Programme Homme.

Her areas of expertise incorporate a diverse number of impressive skills and industry knowledge. 

As a Scentrepreneur®, Sue offers custom-tailored programs on leadership, innovation and branding. Motivating and inspiring are some of the best words to describe Sue’s business approach. She creates a positive environment, builds confidence and harnesses individual strengths – all through FRAGRANCE, and she is frequently retained as an “Expert Witness” for legal disputes, distribution, trademark and copyright infringements. 

Before embarking on her professional career path, Sue earned a bachelor’s degree in Legal Theory and Finance from the University of South Africa. She rounded her studies receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Drama, English, French and Economics from the University of Cape Town. Sue eventually relocated to the United States and immediately pursued her career in the Fragrance and Cosmetic Industry. 

Throughout her illustrious career, Sue has received awards, accolades and has been recognized worldwide for her dedication to her profession. Last year she graced the front cover of TIP (Top Industry Professionals) Magazine, was featured on the famous Reuters Building in Times Square NYC and was honored at IAOTP’s Annual Awards Gala at the Plaza Hotel for her selection as Top Fragrance & Marketing Expert of the Year.  In previous years, she was presented with the Tribeca Small Business of the Year Award (2018) and the Enterprising Women of the Year Award (2019). Ms. Phillips was honored as a Rising Star Beauty Entrepreneur Finalist by the Fashion Group International, nominated among Martha Stewart’s American Made and featured on Oprah Winfrey’s The “O” List, all proving her uniqueness and business leadership qualities. 

Aside from her successful career, Sue is a sought-after author who provides her knowledge regarding fragrance trends for industry publications and blogs. Her first book “The Power of Perfume” celebrates her passion for perfume, and she is now collaborating on her second book with a neuroscientist who has endorsed her Scent Healing™. Over the course of her professional career, Sue has also taught courses as an Adjunct Professor of Fragrance at LIM College and for the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Looking back, Sue attributes her love of fragrance to her Mother’s lingering perfume scent; and to her success and her perseverance to her philosophy “never give up”, as well as industry mentors with whom she has collaborated; including her passion for helping individuals with their personal branding and business growth. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling to see her daughter Romy Alexandra – a Peace Corps Volunteer and Fullbright scholar who is changing the world, while Sue is making it smell wonderful!

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