Why Spring is the Best Time to Move to a Senior Living Community

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As the weather improves, the spring season comes to life each year. From late March through early May, this time of year is for new beginnings, a fresh spring cleaning, and a revitalized point of view on life in the weeks and months ahead. Spring is often when older adults and their loved ones explore senior living communities to find a perfect fit for their needs. For some seniors, the long, cold winter was just too lonely and difficult to manage, while others may feel inspired by the rebirth of spring to finally make the wise decision to seek the help they need.

But finding the ideal assisted living situation can be tricky. It can be downright frustrating and confusing – especially if you’re handling things by yourself or dealing with a bevy of emotions. But, it can also be an opportunity to envision the possibilities for a new adventure. Below, we discuss some tips and trips for spring cleaning, visiting senior communities, and crafting a thorough and considerate solution.

Reasons to Move to a Community in the Spring

There are many reasons an older adult can decide to move to an assisted living community. The most important thing is general overall health. A long winter can be grueling for older adults, especially cold-weather climates. The strain of coping with cold weather and all that comes with it – home maintenance, driving on icy roads, etc. – can affect a person’s overall well-being.

The winter can also take its toll on a house, and upkeep and repairs might be too much if it’s an older home. When spring rolls around, there can be a laundry list of to-dos around the house that can be expensive, time-consuming, and strenuous. A dated home may no longer be the safest environment for an older adult living alone, even with repairs. Bathrooms may not be equipped for the needs of older adults, and too many stairs may also be a concern for loved ones.

Like most things, waiting until the last minute isn’t a good idea, but spring can be a time for rejuvenation and a new look at life. If the winter was particularly challenging, it could be a key motivation to make a change, mainly if there are complete home repairs on the horizon. Trends for moving into a senior living community often mirror the residential real estate market. The housing market typically improves in the spring, so selling a house and moving to a community can be very appealing. Home sales reach peak levels from the spring through August, as families with children and recent graduates are looking to transition to homeownership.

Spring Cleaning for a Move

Moving to an assisted living community is dealing with a lifetime of accumulated items. When you first start to organize a home for a move, it can be daunting because of the overwhelming amount of things that need to be done. This is especially true for older adults who have lived in their homes for many decades. There can be a lot to do, from cleaning out the attic, basement, and garage to finding forever homes for the most treasured heirlooms to listing and selling the house. But with a bit of patience and organization, it won’t ruin your life. You’ll be excited at the results and enthusiastic about the future. Here are a few tips and tricks for downsizing and transitioning to an assisted living community to inspire you.

Set Your Goals

First, it’s essential to set realistic expectations. Create a plan and timeline to get things done, then try your best to stick to the program. Be sure to talk about the plan with family and loved ones or get help from professionals if needed. As you begin the downsizing process, start with a room that isn’t used as much. Be sure to label boxes for keepsakes and giveaway items. It’s even OK to have a box for items that you don’t know what to do with at the moment. And be sure to have trash bags or a trash can to dispose of things you don’t need.

Be Patient

Going through everything will take some time, and it can be an emotional process for older parents and adult children. Don’t rush it. Always provide time for reflection on cherished moments. You can take photos for a scrapbook and create a walk-through video of the home before moving anything. Some adult children enjoy filming their older parents as they talk about family heirlooms and tell family stories. It’s an easy way to preserve precious memories. Always keep in mind that this is the start of a new adventure!

Plan the New Home

It’s essential to do your research when selecting an assisted living community. Be sure to find one that fits your needs and is comfortable and appealing. Once you decide on the community, you can lay out the new space. Use the dimensions from the floor plan to plan where you’ll put the furniture and other items. It’s important to be accurate, so everything fits as you plan, but this can be a great way to get excited about the move and alleviate some stress. It’s also an important aspect because it allows you to plan what to keep and what to give away.

Consider Hiring a Professional

The process of saying goodbye to a house and hello to a new community can be stressful enough without having to lift furniture and pack boxes. Once you’ve decided what is going to the new community, consider hiring a professional moving service to handle the details. Professional moving companies can make the transition easier by doing all the heavy lifting. The cost of moving into a community should be minimal since there are only a few items to relocate. Professional movers can keep your things safe and secure and ensure they end up exactly where you want them. Once you choose your community, their staff should be able to recommend a service if you need a recommendation.

It’s Moving Day

As moving day draws near, put together a “go bag” of items that you’ll need on moving day and the time immediately following the move. This can include essential papers, documentation, an adequate supply of meds, and other necessities. You can even have a few items to help during the unpacking process and settling in, like snacks, drinks, cleaning products, toiletries, and cleaning rags.

The Premier Senior Living Community Difference

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