Michele Lee Malo selected for the Empowered Woman Award by IAOTP

New York, NY, United States – 04-14-2022 –

Michele Lee Malo, Founder, Principal, The Change CEO of Michele Malo Consulting, Business Consultant, Coach and Global Speaker, was recently chosen to receive the Empowered Woman of the Year Award for 2022 given by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). Her exemplary role as a female business professional and talented entrepreneur displays her influence, capability, and proficiency.

Inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) is an honor, only a few women are chosen for this distinction based on their years of experience, professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, and contributions to their communities. With innovation and compassion, these women empower others to reach their goals, while creating change for future generations. Michele will be honored for this distinction at IAOTP’s Annual Awards Gala being held at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.   www.iaotp.com/award-gala

The President of IAOTP, Stephanie Cirami, stated “We are honored to have Michele as part of the IAOTP family. She provides visionary leadership as a female entrepreneur and her extraordinary accomplishments prove she can empower women worldwide. We look forward to celebrating all her merits at the Annual Awards Gala and cannot wait to see more amazing things from this woman.”

Michele has two decades of experience as a talented and successful corporate consultant and entrepreneur. She is a results-driven leader who has demonstrated success throughout her entire career. Michele is also known as“The Change CEO” for her unique ability to deliver an appetite for sanity to entrepreneurs and corporate go-getters needing to create change in their lives and businesses. 

Her impressive repertoire of prior positions includes working with Fortune 500 companies like Kellogg’s and Barilla by optimizing their teams and revitalizing their brands. As a coach and corporate consultant, she performs with a restorative approach creating breakthroughs for individuals and teams.

Michele’s skills and proven strategies cover corporate team building, increasing employee engagement, career counseling, instilling values, job transition coaching, improving performance, virtual event speaking and guidance on how to be authentic in today’s virtual world. She will help define your skills, desires and resources then combine them with her expertise in strategy, branding and networking. Furthermore, she will help package and sell your genius to the world, walking you through the change and completing your transition for business or personal success. 

Before Michele began her professional career path, she earned her bachelor’s in journalism, advertising and marketing. She continued her studies and received her MBA with honors from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.  Michele also has a separate International Management Certification through Lake Forest that served as our sponsor for International Management at Cambridge, and other schools in Latin America, China and Thailand.  As Michele traveled, she attended and worked with local clients in each of the regions while also taking classes.

Throughout her illustrious career, Michele has received many awards, accolades and was recognized in numerous publications worldwide for her outstanding roles and commitment to her field. She was featured in T.I.P. (Top Industry Professional) Magazine and will receive her award from 2021 as Top Corporate Consultant of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), and she was named top consultant from the Phoenix awards program. Michele is being considered for the Times Square, New York City billboard. In past years Michele has been awarded with the Go Giver Award for Engaging Speakers, the Inspiration Award given to 40 females by Media Mogul and she was named Top Business Consultant by the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce. 

In addition to her success as an entrepreneur, Michele is a sought-after and accomplished speaker and author who motivates audiences worldwide. She is a mentor who encourages others to live confidently without regret and she actively participates in her community. Michele is a former Advisory Board Member for Blessons Scholarships for Women, and she also was on the Board of Directors for the I Am Enough Movement and Freedom Haven, providing a safe place for domestic violence victims. 

Looking back, Michele attributes her success to her perseverance, her passion for accelerating businesses and her outstanding integrity in all her professional endeavors. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling.  For the future, Michele will continue encouraging others to recapture their vitality, find their joy, and maximize their outcomes in the world. 

Watch her video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkY9Ez6pIjA

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 www.michelemaloconsulting.com or www.themindsetmenu.com


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