CannaVu Releases 4/20 Edition of the CANNAscape Highlighting Recent Consolidation and Innovation in the Cannabis Business Ecosystem

Miami, FL, United States – 04-20-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

CannaVu Releases 4/20 Edition of the CANNAscape 

Highlights Recent Consolidation and Innovation in the Cannabis Business Ecosystem Across North America

CannaVu, the leader and benchmark standard for canna-compliant digital advertising solutions, today released an updated “CANNAscape: State of the North American Cannabis Market” on 4/20 at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami, FL. CANNAscape diagrams the relationship between various stakeholders in the state-legal Cannabis ecosystem, from holding companies to the brands directly connecting with the consumer. The CANNAscape identifies notable growers, producers, distribution/supply management, payment solutions, compliance, dispensaries, Cannabis hardware, delivery services, e-commerce and top brands attracting consumer attention. Over 200 companies are represented in this edition. The CANNAscape is available for download at (Registration required).

“We’re excited to share our latest overview of the rapidly evolving cannabis business ecosystem,” stated Miles Dennison, Co-Founder and President at CannaVu. “The CANNAscape highlights key categories and companies involved in building one of the top three fastest-growing new industries, estimated to be a $130 billion market by 2025 and one of the largest job-creating sectors since the Industrial Revolution.” (Crypto and online gaming are the other two fastest-growing new sectors, along with cannabis.)

CannaVu initially developed the CANNAscape as an internal strategic planning tool, but decided to make it available more broadly, to answer questions from media companies, strategic partners, investors, advertisers, and their agencies about the evolving Cannabis ecosystem. CannaVu uses the information to build advertising packages and attract new premium publishers to its platform. 

“Never dismiss the impact of advertising messaging and brand identity when measuring marketing activities,” said Paul Calento, Chief Executive Officer at CannaVu. “Long-term segment success is much more than license acquisition and state-by-state expansion. There are still too many players with overlapping offerings to rely solely on market demand. Finding new customers is critical and differentiation is key, especially given the depth and breadth of players in the CANNAscape.”

CannaVu, a portfolio company, is the largest curated collection of compliant advertising for Canna-/CBD marketers. Its solution provides advertisers the ability to purchase digital advertising across display, mobile, and video advertising. Programs run through the CannaVu Advertising Accelerator meet and exceed state and federal requirements, across placements, targeting and offers, leveraging a best-in-class “Code of Conduct.” More information is available at


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