Red Shield Administration Improves Online Claims Service

Overland Park, Kansas, United States – 04-26-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Red Shield Administration officially revealed its revamped look online, highlighting changes regarding the online claims service. The newest update speeds up the process so that customers don’t feel like they are not getting a claim during a crucial moment in their lives.

A massive challenge for any driver is figuring out what to do when something terrible happens. When signing up for car insurance, a manufacturer’s warranty, or a vehicle protection plan, the process of filing a claim can be a little intimidating at first. Red Shield Administration hopes to eliminate any initial jitters with a completely online claim service.

The online claim service ensures customers can file claims at any time. If it’s an emergency, someone on staff will be notified, and the process starts immediately. If it’s a non-emergency, clients will hear back the next business day if the claim is filed after hours. The website’s link for online claims is simplified to eliminate confusion.

Online resources are great for any time during the day, but there’s also the option of calling over the phone with a claim. This is a great way to talk directly to a professional who can provide further assistance if necessary. Even if an online claim is turned in, there’s a good chance that everything for that claim will be wrapped up over the phone.

Every online claim submitted is handled within one business day. In many instances, customers will get a response from a customer service representative in a matter of minutes. Most calls are relatively urgent, so quick answers are offered along the way.

The update for online claims is just a fraction of Red Shield Administration’s plans for a larger update to their website. Making it a  better resource for customers overall. It includes additional client information, a faster-operating website, and other subtle changes. 

These tweaks might be relatively minor, but they all make a difference from a customer’s perspective. The goal is to create one of the best and most helpful vehicle protection plan websites available online today.

Red Shield Administration is a vehicle protection plan company offering services for individual drivers and families. Their goal is to provide high-quality options at an affordable rate. They allow total customization of all plans, ensuring customers get what they want. The team of customer service representatives provides quality information to help people make the smartest decision.

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