Residents Medical Group Named a Top Innovative Brand by the Silicon Review

Los Angeles, California, United States – 04-26-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The Silicone Review recently released a list of the 30 most influential brands of 2022. Residents Medical Group, headlined by president Dr. Michael Everest, was on this list. It’s one of a handful of honors the company has received in the last year for its efforts to make residency program placement easier for medical graduates.

Residents Medical Group became a reality when Everest noticed that numerous medical graduates were coming in under-prepared for the residency process. Whether it was preparing for the application process or getting ready for Match Day, medical graduates needed guidance to give them a leg up on the very stiff competition. Everest noticed this himself when he was going through medical school, and now he strives to help others.

A quality residency program makes a world of difference for any medical graduate. Finding a specialty in the right work atmosphere can propel medical graduates towards reaching their full potential. On the other hand, failing to find a good fit can take years to fix.

Residents Medical Group doesn’t do everything for medical graduates, but they put them on the right path to success. Whether it’s coaching, providing valuable information, or anything in between, it’s much easier to handle the chaotic mess that applying to residency programs can be. It also reduces the stress medical graduates are under when compiled with everything else.

Everest is committed to helping make the medical education process that much better. Not only does he act as the president of Residents Medical Group, but he also runs a non-profit organization known as the Everest Foundation. He and his wife Agata Everest started the organization in honor of Michael’s late father, Dr. Edwin Everest. This organization’s sole purpose is to provide better learning opportunities and programs for medical graduates preparing for residency.

This is the first time Residents Medical Group has made the list from the Silicon Review. Everest hopes that this additional recognition will bring more awareness to all the challenges medical graduates face. Graduates have the opportunity to pick the amount of help they get from Residents Medical Group, which is great for all types of budgets.

Between Residents Medical Group and the Everest Foundation, Dr. Michael Everest, with the help of his wife, Agata Everest, has shown his commitment to helping young medical professionals reach their potential. He believes strongly in putting in the work early on to get the best residency program possible for aspiring doctors in specific fields. With additional assistance and knowledge, as well as programs designed to educate medical graduates better, Everest sees a bright future in medicine.

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