Hemfakta Updates All Their Best In Test Reviews In 2022

Stockholm, Sweden – 04-29-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Hemfakta, the Swedish consumer products comparison site, has updated its web presence with contemporary articles for 2022 as a continuous endeavor to confine customers from incorrect purchases and find them the best products. 

Hemfakta, the celebrated website for consumer product comparisons, has made its online platform outright prepared for this year to enlighten readers with many more fascinating and essential facts. This product comparison site has always been reputed for bringing insights into products from nearly all categories twined with the everyday lifestyle of the contemporary populace. Thus, the 12 categories presented in this comparison site’s menu section are diversified enough to be illuminative on Car and Garage, Health, Private Finances for secured and private loans, Beauty, Furnishings, Consumer Electronics, and more. Furthermore, when most of these categories gain greater eminence for 2022, being encumbered with plenty of informative and updated articles on essential products, the limelight is sure to face. 

The recent update of Hemfakta has filled many of its supported categories with the latest, all-inclusive articles. Its Home & Household section contains updated articles on gadgets like coffee makers, massage chairs, food processors, etc. Similarly, you will find its Beauty section proffering the latest information on products like sunscreens, skin primers, hairdryers, epilators, and more. Hemfakta has reshaped all these articles with necessary and contemporary information. It has released three such articles in its Heath, Car and Garage, and Private Finances categories. 

Hemfakta on the Best Massage Gun in 2022 

Hemfakta has voted the Flowlife Flowgun Pro as one of the best massage guns of 2022. The detailed discussion on the latest message pistols has enlightened galore of aspects that a person interested in purchasing a message gun should consider while judging available products. The page has touched on facets like the requirements of owning message guns, considerable facts while buying the product, the right candidate for message guns, the expected frequency of using them, etc. It has brought forth an extremely descriptive, comparative study of 10 different message pistols. Moreover, after mulling over the products from multiple viewpoints, the comparison has kept Flowlife Flowgun Pro best in the test premium class. 

Hemfakta on the Best EV Charging Box in 2022 

This basic version of the best EV charging box article was published in the Car and Garage category of the platform in November 2020. But, committing requisite updates, Hemfakta has

made this article exclusively practical for individuals looking to buy the best EV charging box at home this year. The write-up has covered the seven best charging boxes of 2022, with the list including names like Charge Amps AURA Wallbox 2x22k W, Easee charging box 22kw, Charge Amps Halo charging box 3.7 – 11kW, and more. Besides, similar to all other comparison articles, it has seized the discussion in a more extensive plane that highlights various key aspects. Hence, by reading the page, one can gather information on the advantages of having a home charging box and an electric car, selecting a suitable charging box, facts to keep in mind during charging box installations, and more. 

Hemfakta on the Best Private Loan in 2022 

Being a part of the private finances category, this page of the best private loans indicates several to borrow money with low-interest rates and optimum terms. The page addresses the five best lenders and loan intermediaries with minute details. Thus, individuals with similar necessities can get insights into organizations like Coop Private Loans, Bank Norwegian, Zmarta, Marginalen Bank, etc. The page proceeds further to convey personal and unsecured loans, defining topics like the application procedure, interest rates, payment details, security requirements, and more. 

Hemfakta has been active for purchasers for quite some time, and the last prominent alteration it noticed is the acquisition of its ownership by Puffer from a previous possessor in 2020. The page is focused on testing and comparing various consumer products to lead customers to the right purchasing decisions eventually. Besides, the product comparison platform provides this facility to its readers entirely free of cost. Many of the tests of this site envelop sponsored links. Collecting commissions from these linked partners is the only source of income for this site. 

In a simple but informative manner, Hemfakta aims to inform purchasers about the products that have become the best in tests. This site is ambitious to guide purchasers to the right products worthy of their requirements and expectations. Besides, the platform operator is reluctant to keep the readers in ambiguity while going through the published pages. They strive to ensure that their readers eventually purchase the right products and shun financial losses prompted by pricy erroneous purchases. 

Highlighting the aspect of ethics in their product comparisons, Hemfakta’s spokesperson stated, “We know that our readers greatly depend upon the reviews we curate. Therefore, our sole responsibility is guiding them towards only the optimum products, and this integrity has tiled the thoroughfare of our success.” 

Guaranteeing all these aspects, Hemfakta has also been taking good care of the security of readers on its site. The platform has employed high-end data protection on its website, which restricts information from getting stolen while users browse through the site. In addition, it also places a strict privacy policy depicting how it processes and protects the personal information of its users.

About the Company 

Hemfakta has recently updated its articles in all categories for the year 2022. It’s essential information for a large group of wise customers from all across the country. This online site has already gained enough reputation by publishing well-researched and all-embracing comparison articles on various categories and products. Hence, a significant section of the Swedish buyers extensively depend on this site to extract authentic and reliable information about the products they want to purchase soon. 

Hemfakta is currently operating from Sweden’s Stockholm and being managed by Puffer AB, the personal data manager of the online platform. Apart from its web presence, this comparison article site is also present on multiple social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. The website operator is accessible through these platforms. Furthermore, one can also use the contact form located in the lower section of its website and send emails to the platform by entering their name, email address, and message.

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