Tribal Young Brown Releases The Song

Jacksonville, Florida, United States – 05-27-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Tribal Young Brown Releases His First Song “Consider This” Featuring Real Litty On His Birthday

Tribal Young Brown who’s real name is Tony James Nelson II kicked off his rap career on April 13th, 2022 his birthday when he released the Song “ Consider This” Featuring one of his artist Real Litty on the hook. The song is said to be one of the most disrespectful songs this year so far. As he talks about sleeping with his friends brother girls and their family members also. He goes on to say how they helped to make him rich and how they all wish they were him. He even went as far as to diss his on cousin who is also a rapper in the process, but he only mentions one name in the whole story and that name is “twin”. He was asked in an interview why he only mentioned that one name and he said “ because it was personal”. 

But that was not all, his cousin released a response the same day on Soundcloud. But it did not gain much traction, He then responded to him by releasing the song “I Hate Brown“. Tribal Young Brown sampled the “I Hate Youngboy” beat and dissed his cousin again. Also by saying in the song that he just started rapping and he has already surpassed him as a rapper. In the song he said “ Plus my SoundCloud and Youtube already passed you, sitting in the crib confused not knowing what to do and your response to “Consider This” that s**t was a*s too”. Since then there has not been a response back from his cousin so it’s safe to say he has won the battle very quickly.

One month after the release the song had already gained over 40,000+ streams on Spotify and built his Spotify fanbase to an incredible 22,000+ monthly listeners. But thats not all the song has done well on every platform including even AudioMack. He later released an official video to the song also that has gained over 38,000+ views in just 12 days. As the owner of Roovet Records he is really setting an example for his artist like Real Litty, Young Montana Mafia and Respekt Ova. Since the release of “Consider This” Tribal Young Brown has released two more songs, such as Trust & Betrayal and You Could Be The One. Both are also doing very well worldwide on all platforms. 

When asked why a diss song as your first song Tribal Young Brown responded “ My first song was not going to be ”Consider This”. My first song was going to be “ Jacksonville Story” with myself and Real Litty as a dedication to the late King Von. But thats not how it worked out so I released “Consider This” instead and I’m happy with the results so far.” We look forward to hearing more great music from the new Jacksonville, Florida rapper Tribal Young Brown.

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