Algorand Startups Goracle and HEADLINE Spark Collaborative Partnership

Austin, Texas, United States – 06-02-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Goracle will be partnering with HEADLINE.  HEADLINE’s Dev Tools will be powered by Goracle’s data feeds.

Goracle is a unique decentralized oracle network that is built on the Algorand Blockchain which enables universally connected, decentralized node networks to securely interact as independent sources to provide critical off-chain, real-time external data feeds needed by complex smart contracts. Goracle has launched crypto-currency and sports feeds, with plans for weather, traditional finance, and arbitrary data in the coming months.

HEADLINE Crypto is a Texas-based fin-tech startup and blockchain development company. HEADLINE is the premier builder of developer tooling on the Algorand Blockchain and the recipient of multiple Algorand Foundation Development Awards for Dev Tooling. The HEADLINE team is the driving force behind DAO Tools, Vaults Protocol, AlgoPay, AlgoCloud, AlgoSwap, AlgoGlyph, AlgoChat, AlgoVote, AlgoBurner, PIPELINE SDK, FORUM, PIPELINE-UI,  and nearly two dozen other DeFi applications and smart contract solutions for developers, DAOs, and commercial/institutional clients.

HEADLINE has become one of the most prolific contributors of code to the Algorand ecosystem with projects like Pipeline-UI, A React.js-based component library for rapid deployment of Algorand dapps, making it easy & accessible to build on the Algorand blockchain.  Goracle’s ability to supply accurate live feeds of up-to-date information on-chain will be a major part of many upcoming developments from HEADLINE. “An on-chain data feed provided by Goracle could quickly spark a massive wave of innovation on Algorand,” said Brian Scherlen, HEADLINE’s Chief Marketing Officer.  “We believe that Algorand’s tech will continue to shine as new applications and tools like Goracle continue to improve the growing landscape of the Layer 1 chain.”

The Goracle Network is driven by a large, secure, open-source community of node operators, and feed providers who facilitate trusted, independent and real-time data feeds. “Goracle is excited to partner with Headline, an organization on the forefront of bringing blockchain adoption to everyday consumers as well as commercial institutions. We look forward to providing a wide variety of feeds and the computational ability for their ecosystem of projects” said Goracle CEO Abdul Osman.

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