HEADLINE x Kinn DAO: Strategic Partnership Accelerates the NFT Marketplace Development on Algorand

Austin, Texas, United States – 06-06-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The Kinn Foundation has extended an invitation to HEADLINE INC, the premier builder of developer tooling on the Algorand blockchain. The Kinn DAO provides an expanding suite of audited smart contracts and systems for NFT Marketplace. This is designed to offer users a smooth and trustless experience while buying, selling, and trading NFTs. The Kinn Foundation currently includes AlgoGems, ZestBloom, NFTJam, and DartRoom. These platforms bring niche functionality and a unique fit within the Algorand NFT Ecosystem.  

The Kinn Team had this to say about the partnership, “We are happy to announce Headline as the newest partner with Kinn. We believe these partnerships will lead to a more unified experience for users in the Algorand ecosystem. Kinn DAO will provide token holders with rewards from the kinn protocol, the ability to curate content, and governance of funding for new marketplace features. The Kinn name represents the idea of community. The core philosophy behind the DAO is to benefit the Algorand community.” 

HEADLINE brings tools specifically designed to add functionality to existing NFT marketplaces. Most recently, HEADLINE has added functionality by releasing an NFT minting application, ARC Minter. This on-chain dapp allows users to create ARC19 & ARC69 NFTs on Algorand in under 3 minutes. ARC Minter allows creators access to tools that will enable more in-depth creation of NFT projects on Algorand. 

Along with its long-standing partnership with AlgoGems, HEADLINE has been developing a wide variety of tools & applications with NFT marketplaces in mind. This commitment started in January of 2022 with its AlgoGlyph application, allowing artists to include a physical signature with their NFTs during the minting process.  

HEADLINE’s NFT marketplace will drive cross-chain adoption for Algorand NFTs and create new NFT development opportunities for non-blockchain native businesses. With a particular focus on utility NFTs, HEADLINE’s NFT marketplace will offer access to authenticity verification NFTs, software licensing NFTs, launchpad NFTs, audited smart contract licensing NFTs, and much more. HEADLINE’s upcoming Algorand NFT marketplace will exclusively accept HEADLINE’s native token (HDL) for marketplace transactions at launch.

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Website: http://headline-inc.com

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