Gold Secured Currency GSX Announces Estimated $40 Billion Mining Claim Valuation

Pretoria, South Africa – 06-10-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Gold Secured Currency (GSX) has received, through a geotechnical assessment report, confirmation of the presence of copper and gold valued at an estimated 40 billion US Dollars in 1,050 hectares of GSX-owned mining claims. 

The $40 billion estimate means that the assets backing GSX will increase by over 570% in 2022. This update puts GSX ahead of two major milestones: a $20 billion asset backing goal initially set for 2023, and a $30 billion asset backing goal set for 2024. By acquiring mineral-rich claims, GSX has exceeded its 3-year projection and can add considerable asset value to its unique asset trust, enriching GSX investors.  

This confirms GSX’s strategy to increase its asset acquisition and growth in revenue-producing activities to back the GSX token. 

“After Covid regulations were lifted, we were able to successfully negotiate several projects, with these geographical reports which will come out soon. We will exceed our initial minimum asset backing value significantly.” – Bob McCullah, GSX Mine Consultant. 

Additional news and geological reports can be found on the GSX website: under the “About” section.

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