Gold Rush Casino to make anticipated debut in August 2022 on the Binance Smart Chain

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A major project announcement was made by the Cryptopreneur365 leadership team about a much-anticipated launch of their flagship project called the Gold Rush Casino (GRC), set for August 11th of this year.  Making a debut on the Binance Smart Chain, GRC will be an investment token that rewards holders with 12% of the tokenomics paid out in BUSD stable coin. The fully doxxed team has taken a wholistic approach to onboarding new cryptocurrency investors by also including a layer of education and community support to help empower investors to diversify their portfolio safely. One of the ongoing burdens of project leaders in cryptocurrency is that there exists a large number of investors who are unseasoned and are not equipped with the proper trading strategies that help mitigate their investment risks. This can lead to them being prayed upon by malicious entities, and they become vulnerable to becoming victims of rug pulls, honeypots, and scams. The project has 4 value pillars: Respect, Integrity, Creativity, and Ethics.  They advocate 8 specific foundational behaviors that all investors should have to operate safely in the decentralized finance space. This is how the team builds trust with their growing community.

Jerry Berb, the fully doxxed and KYC’d founder of GRC, aka, The Truffle Pig of Crypto, started his career in construction and real estate at the age of 21. After a decade of success, he earned a Bachelor’s, an MBA, and an MDR degree from Pepperdine University. Early in 2020, Jerry discovered his passion for cryptocurrency and began designing industry specific smart contracts for the nightlife and entertainment industry. By 2022 Jerry founded Defi Solutions, INC., a blockchain technology development and management company, in Los Angeles, California. His team began creating and patenting smart contract technology anticipated to saturate future industries. His background in business and contract law transposed seamlessly onto crypto, and with many partnerships forming, Jerry soon began experiencing exponential growth, and continued successes.

Da Wolf, from the brand “The Pig & Da Wolf”, childhood friends with Jerry, Simon Babo, is otherwise known as the Wolf of Crypto. Starting his career in Opticianry, he quickly began owning and operating a string of high-end retail locations in Eyecare, located in Beverly Hills, California. Da Wolf has a keen understanding of the market and upcoming trends. His role on the team is leading the most important facet of the business as the face of investor relations and community management.  

Anil Pujara, aka The Bombay Tech, is another founder of GRC who is also considered the Elephantech of the project. Pujara’s experience is in Information technology, software development, websites and cloud computing. Elephantech has a proven track record of generating revenue, problem solving, leading project teams, and being a successful networker. Pujara has also invested in the entertainment and hospitality industry, where he’s acquired a business development and marketing background. The Elephantech attributes integrity, hard work and teamwork as the key to everybody winning together.

GRC is currently in their private sale phase of their roadmap. Tokenomics of the token are as follows: 10% buy tax and a 15% sell tax.  The 10% buy tax is broken down into 4% allotted to project development, 2% to marketing, 2% to auto LP, and 2% to the BUSD rewards. The 15% sell tax is broken down into 2% allotted for marketing, 2% for Charity, 1% auto LP, and 10% in BUSD reward distribution.  The largest distributions to existing holder occur during sells. With a 10 billion token supply, the whitepaper explains the supply breakdown in detail. The supply highlights include, 15% locked with liquidity and a initial launch supply of 3 billion tokens, 30% of the total supply. In addition to the locked liquidity, 25 seed investors of the project will have 1.25 billion tokens vested for 1 year. In addition to sustainable tokenomics, the GRC contract has been audited by Inter-Fi Audit with a low-risk result. 

The casino features 21 casino style virtual games and multiplayer poker rooms with tournament play.  To avoid volatility in the token chart, the casino accepts BUSD as form of casino currency. This incentivizes investors to invest in the GRC token without concerns of players in the casino using the token as a currency resulting in an unsustainable chart. Profits from the casino are used to buy the GRC token and the tokens are redistributed as winnings at specific casino games.  The future phases of the token include the casino a path into the Metaverse. The existing community is thriving with the help and leadership of a transparent team willing to bring the latest innovation and technology to the cryptocurrency market.  

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