Elevations RTC Has An “All Gender Inclusive Community”

Syracuse, Utah, United States – 06-28-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Elevations RTC has programs that help its students and their families.

The teenage years are a period of self-discovery. It can be difficult for teens struggling with insecurities, self-doubt, and mental health issues. Peer pressure, academic load, and societal standards can make it even harder. 

Elevations RTC is here to provide them with a space where they can thrive. The campus offers an all-gender inclusive community that empowers everyone to embrace themselves.

Students of Elevations RTC tend to feel welcome from the moment they walk into the campus. The high level of inclusivity enables students to form strong bonds and learn with a diverse group. It’s a transformative experience that they will carry into adulthood.

This residential treatment center relies heavily on the community. Here, a culture of care and empathy is encouraged. People look out for one another and are happy to see their fellow students succeed. 

To ensure that everyone gets ample attention, they move into smaller communities with a handful of other students, an academic advisor, administrative staff, and a lead therapist. 

These groups often become close like a family during their stay. The arrangement allows Elevations RTC staff to deliver comprehensive and personalized support rarely seen elsewhere.

Those who feel lost may find themselves again – at their own pace, in their unique way. Elevations RTC gives them the freedom to explore while they heal their traumas. Being on the campus guarantees, they have 24/7 support from competent professionals and sympathetic peers. 

Students are individuals with distinct needs, so the treatment center tailors its therapeutic approaches to each. Teens can build vital skills and strategies through a wide range of activities. These will nudge them to pursue healthier paths toward their future.

Lead therapists assess each adolescent to come up with an appropriate treatment plan. One is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which helps children discover the language they need to process internal conflict. 

Another form of therapy is “The 12 Step Model,” through which a child can systematically overcome compulsions. Meanwhile, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy empowers teens to challenge negative beliefs about themselves and the world. 

Students may also undergo Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR guides students through traumatic memories to achieve resolution and positive associations.  

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