New Book Teaches Next Wave of Leaders to Lead with Love

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Respected Superintendent Introduces Fresh Approach to Management

eBooks2go is excited to announce the release of “Lead with Love”, a groundbreaking and refreshing management book by Dr. Stephen Juracka that will begin a new era in leadership. An era where we learn to lead with love. 

“It is important that the golden rule is still the rule in today’s organization and that as leaders we approach our work with a high sense of morality, integrity and, yes, love for people,” said Juracka, “Leaders need to step into the arena with the intent of creating better lives for the people they employ and for the customers they serve.”

“Lead with Love” was written to promote personal well-being for the purpose of creating leaders who will support organizational environments of collaboration, engagement and personal agency. Using more than 10 years of research on positive psychology, as well as his personal experience as a superintendent, an educational leader Juracka shows how self-care translates to a clearer mind and more effective leadership. Additionally, “Lead with Love” helps leaders discover their purpose and inject that passion into the workplace, build a strong team and create an inclusive work environment that increases employee engagement.

Juracka has served for close to two decades as both a school and district leader. During his tenure, Juracka has been honored to receive the highly coveted National School to Watch distinction. Today, Juracka serves as a leadership and management consultant who continues to support organizational leaders on their path to continuous improvement. 

Juracka hopes the aspiring leaders that read his book take his advice to heart as he believes there is a great need for high-minded leadership.  

Juracka said, “We need leaders who are personally healthy, socially in tune, emotionally astute, and who display a deep sense of meaning, purpose, and self-awareness in their work. Let there be no mistake: Leaders like this exist everywhere. They lead their families, they serve in their churches, they lead in the boardroom, and they coach winning teams. It is time for us to elevate and emulate leaders who serve, who develop others, who are driven, and who succeed from a place of personal strength, mindfulness, and dedication to both loving themselves and others.”

“Lead with Love” is available in paperback and eBook formats worldwide.

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About Dr. Stephen Juracka

Dr. Stephen Juracka has been an educational leader for over two decades. His writing is grounded in the research around organizational leadership, organizational design and positive psychology. Today, Dr. Juracka supports leaders across multiple industries as both a coach and a consultant.

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