California Medical Group is the Newest Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Campbell

Campbell, California, United States – 07-10-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

California Medical Group is the Newest Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Campbell

• This new weight loss clinic aims to offer a custom blended GLP-1 FDA-approved treatment.

• Clients now have the option to choose a treatment plan that’s beneficial for their weight loss journey.

Campbell, CA – A team of board-certified doctors will launch the newest medical weight loss clinic in California. Aptly named the California Medical Group, the company aims to make a difference in the lives of those struggling to deal with weight issues by offering a custom blended GLP-1 weight loss medication that’s been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“This newly FDA-approved weight loss treatment has been featured in countless medical journals and has been highlighted by Dr. Oz and multiple highly respected doctors as the first ‘game changer’ to ever be offered in the weight loss market. GLP-1 is definitely revolutionizing weight loss where you come in for your first month of treatment and finally see the results that you’ve always wanted.” – Steve Appolloni

It’s no secret that a lot of Americans are trying to lose weight and struggling at it. In fact, a study revealed that 49.1% of American adults tried to lose weight in the last 12 months from 2013-2016, but most of them failed causing more insecurities about their weight. Some have even given up on their weight loss goals and just succumbed to having their unhealthy lifestyle.

The California Medical Group aims to change this situation by letting people know that there’s a real treatment out there and it has already changed the lives of many.

“We aim to provide all the information that our community needs to be aware of this amazing FDA-approved weight loss treatment. We strive to change lives in our surrounding areas by being the only medical clinic offering a custom-blended GLP-1 that allows our patients to finally achieve the lasting results that they’ve been looking for. This medication has already changed the lives of so many people and we are proud to be offering it here in the Bay Area.” – Kristine Lonero

So, if you’ve been struggling with weight loss and you’ve tried almost every strategy in the book to get rid of the excess weight and try to live a healthier lifestyle, the California Medical Group will work with you every step of the way, so you can enjoy real results.

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