Governance-as-a-Service Pioneer Sybal and David Seibert Consulting enter Strategic Partnership

North Potomac, Maryland, United States – 07-12-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Risk, Governance, and Strategy are the core of David Seibert’s Enterprise Risk Management for Credit Unions

North Bethesda, MD / Jacksonville, FL – July 12, 2022 – Proof-of-Governance™ company Sybal and Credit Union Enterprise Risk Management Pro David Seibert, today announced a Strategic Partnership to serve Credit Unions across the US.

“Effective governance is a vital ingredient to Enterprise Risk Management, and Sybal is the first to provide a proof-of-governance solution, which is a real game changer. I had to get involved immediately,” commented David Seibert, principal of David Seibert Consulting. “Sybal enables credit unions to update and fine tune their governance and compliance. While smaller financial institutions often only have a smaller team to tackle the ever-changing landscape of rules and regulations, the demands on information security are increasing. Sybal helps my clients to be one step ahead before the next audit.” 

“We’re very impressed with David’s approach to ERM. Whether it’s internal environment, risk assessment, response, reporting, control, or monitoring, he provides credit unions with the system and tools to meet the needs for managing the complexities of risk management,” said Christine Sanni, co-founder and CEO of Sybal. “Sybal is the perfect digital complement to his RGS– risk, governance and strategy– approach.” 

Any organization, whether public or private, operates according to rules and standards by which they govern their people, product rollouts, finances and compliance with laws and government regulations. Sybal solutions will automate the examination of corporate governance by understanding the impact rules and standards have across domains (e.g. accounting, KYC, AML, HR, etc). With antiquated policies tied up in PDF files, spreadsheets, or other siloed repositories, business and government entities are often unaware of how their governance performance is truly impacting the quality of outcomes. Furthermore, internal assessments & audits rely upon attestations that come with bias. Sybal will empower the Compliance Officer with its proprietary software to see root cause without bias, to take corrective action with clarity, to understand governance performance holistically, and reduce the time it takes to assess and mitigate risk. Sybal’s Proof-of-Governance™ solution combines proprietary programmatic language with private centralized blockchain and artificial intelligence.

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Sybal is a Governance Innovation company and innovator of the world’s 1st patent pending Proof-of-Governance™ enterprise solution. Designed to help ecosystems create more trust by proving governance effectiveness.

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