The MAIE launches a petition to reopen the Ministry for Italians Abroad: thousands of signatures in a few hours

Roma, Italy – 08-26-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Vincenzo Odoguardi raises the issue of Ministry by collecting thousands of signatures all over the world

The MAIE was created by and for Italians abroad and the attention of the politicians who are part of this Movement are dedicated to them.

First of all, Vincenzo Odoguardi, MAIE candidate in the Senate for the division of North and Central America, who recently launched a petition on the well-known site to restore the Ministry for Italians in the world.

As stated in the published text:

“As specified on the website of the Archives of the Italian Senate, the matters falling within the competence of the Ministry concerned: general policies related to Italian communities abroad; information, updating and cultural promotion; coordinated intervention by the State and the Regions; the enhancement of the role of Italian entrepreneurs residing abroad.

From there, the MAIE wants to start again: to give due recognition to all Italians who live outside their homeland thanks to a ministerial entity that can solve their problems. It will have to be an entity not managed by the traditional Roman parties but by those who are in the area and know and understand the different needs of Italians.”

The MAIE, keen to place itself above the Roman parties, concentrates its action to the complete advantage of Italians abroad. Firmly rooted in Argentina, where it was born, the Movement has built solid support throughout the American continent. The Ministry for Italians in the World is a crucial point of the MAIE electoral program. “We wanted to launch this petition to make the project known to a wider audience and to show that it is not a baseless electoral whim, but a need that citizens, especially those living abroad, feel urgent”, explains Vincenzo Odoguardi.

The success achieved with the collection of signatures suggests a certain need on the part of fellow compatriots to receive different and more attention to their problems.

“Those who live abroad have specific needs that the Roman parties do not always consider. We at MAIE focus on these needs, which are different according to the communities. These differences make it even more necessary to set up a specific entity that deals with them. From there comes the importance of the Ministry for Italians in the world, specifies Odoguardi.

The Ministry, which had functioned as a ministry without a portfolio for some government mandates, was then incorporated under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the Prodi government.

“We want the Ministry for Italians in the world to be a ministry with a portfolio, full decision-making, and investment capacity. Italians residing abroad do not stop being Italians and, therefore, have the same rights and duties as those who remain to live on the national territory. At the same time, they need the same protections and incentives, the same investments for their entrepreneurial and cultural activities”, underlines the candidate for the Senate, Vincenzo Odoguardi.

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