Designer Arlin Jordin Washington To Launch Futuristic Shoe To Drop With A Limited Edition Of 100

Ferriday, Louisiana, United States – 09-12-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Today, the team behind Arlin Jordin Washington Shoe Designs is announcing that they will finally launch their futuristic shoe design on 25th October 2022, with a limited edition of 100. It has been a long time coming. After years of research and development, they are confident that they are going to give fashion fanatics a shoe that combines total comfort, modern style, and ultimate functionality.

During a media event in the Concordia Parish of Spokane Louisiana, the CEO of the company announced that this represents an exciting moment for the brand and young designers looking to make a name for themselves. It is a moment when they get to showcase their long history of innovation in feel, performance, and fit.

AJ Washington or Arlin Jordin Washington as his friends call him is proud to explore the future of shoe design. Their products are designed to solve unmet needs in the footwear department. The future looks exciting for the shoe industry. There are unlimited possibilities; it is only for the industry players to explore them.

The anticipated launch is already causing a buzz on social media, especially Instagram. Hundreds are looking forward to what this futuristic design has to offer with colored soles and tongue designs that look 30 years into the future. The expectations that it will shatter existing records for under 20 shoe designers are already in place. Top fashion bloggers are already covering the topic and mainstream media has also not been left out of wanting to cover the launch after seeing the YouTube Video of the wild designs. 

Will They Compete With Yeezy?

Yeezy is a top shoe brand with a reputation all over the world. The futuristic Arlin Washington Shoe Design is expected to be the latest competitor of Yeezy. It will give the Yeezy brand a run for its money in due time says AJ.

Top shoe analysts online are waiting to see what it has that the Yeezy brand doesn’t offer. However, for a shoe that has taken a lot of research and technology to produce, there is a lot to be expected. The media buzz indicates that this will not be another ordinary shoe launch.

Limited Edition

A limited edition of 100 is available until they are completely sold. More shoes are expected to be produced in the future. There have only been a few of the pre-orders of the limited edition allowed for friends and family prior to the October 2022 date. 

With the new Arlin Jordin Washington Shoe Design, innovation is taken to a completely new level. The shoe has been made to last for a lifetime. It features the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials. This high-tech new footwear will not disappoint.

Technology is something that guides the company and they want to ensure that their shoes as are technologically enhanced as possible. They have invested in state-of-the-art machinery for the production of the shoes. Only the most eco-friendly materials are used to facilitate environmental conservation.

The shoe also delivers ultimate elegance. It has been made with the fashion needs of the modern consumer in mind.

About Arlin Jordin Washington Shoe Designers

Arlin Jordin Washington Shoe Designers is a team of young under 20 designers from Concordia Louisiana where Spokane is located in the northeast corner of the state. The team has applied expertise and insight gained in developing their designs from self taught online courses as they could not afford expensive design universities. They have constantly been studying the modern shoe with the goal of making it better.

This brand’s history and their understanding of how people uniquely move and want to feel, has made them develop footwear that is unlike any other developed in the past. Their product delivers a specific feeling and set of features meant to embody the type of shock that Balenciaga has when you see their shoes. 

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