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Florida, United States – 09-17-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

An intense change in how people consume their media has seen a remarkable increase in the recent past. This has prompted most businesses to revise their digital tactics to accommodate these unpredicted changes instantaneously. There are various digital marketing and sales tactics that you should apply to help your business keep up with fast-paced technologies. This includes using videos on social media, ensuring a mobile-responsive website, integrating tools for digital sales enablement, updating your website, focusing on user experience, mainly creating searched content, marketing toward generation Z, and many others.

Regina Alai is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of “Build It Up” Marketing. It is a full-service digital marketing agency helping construction companies take their businesses to the next level. While exploring the entrepreneurial space, Regina ventured into several small businesses throughout her life. Unfortunately, none of them took off.

Nonetheless, Regina learned a valuable lesson from her failing businesses – your business cannot grow without marketing. She realized that she didn’t have the marketing dynamics to sell her services, so she extensively researched digital marketing and enrolled in a course on the same from a renowned entrepreneur and online marketer – Douglas James. After completing the marketing course, Regina established a marketing agency, Build It Up, to help owners of hands-on businesses improve their image and expand their customer reach. “I know many people in the kinds of businesses that are not online, so they don’t think about online marketing,” Regina shares.

At Build It Up, the team aims to execute web marketing from publishing, page tracking, and web design with a mandate to ensure many clients with construction needs see the best in the company’s products and give them strong reasons to buy them. The advertising agency will also be accountable for all media purchasing, such as placing commercials in magazines and newspapers, television and radio broadcasts, and other channels.

Additionally, the agency is tasked with tracking the progress of the marketing campaign, analyzing if there is any effect on the industry, and coming up with new strategies and approaches to improve marketing when the business is not doing well. The team also does graphic design and web production for their clients. “A poorly printed or designed campaign may reflect badly on the business; thus, we shall communicate with other organizations to help them do this,” Regina adds.

Build It Up marketing agency also helps construction companies get the attention of their target audience on social media. They aim to be the most significant influencer network in the world and will be helping you scale your brand to where you need it to be. Their marketing strategies are unmatched and will undoubtedly change the game for the company’s online presence.

 According to Regina, their SEO services are first-class. She understands the best place to bury a company is on the second page of Google, so she aims to help you attain relevance and visibility in the place that matters most. “Without a good first impression, it’s much harder to build trust with potential clients. We will work with some of the industry’s best web designers and developers to bring you beautiful, professional, and highly converting websites,” she concludes.

 Although the Build It Up marketing agency is new to the market and has yet to get any clients, the go-getter CEO hopes the business will boom very soon and take construction businesses to greater heights.

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