Angel City Business Development Is Changing the Marketing Game

California, United States – 10-20-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

As digital marketing becomes increasingly important for business success, we have seen numerous digital marketing companies emerge, each trying to help business owners leverage the digital space to increase sales and revenue. One of these agencies, Angel City Business Development founded and owned by Matthew McNab, seeks to show businesses the importance of simple, customized, integrated, and scalable marketing solutions that are easy to implement into their businesses. Angel City Business Development is a full-service marketing and consulting agency helping brands and personalities grow their businesses. What makes Angel City different from most marketing companies is its comprehensive yet simple approach to digital marketing.

Angel City is a business-to-business consulting and digital marketing agency helping businesses obtain the right online placement and boost sales. They work with their clients to increase their profitability through lead generation. They also help small business owners and young entrepreneurs better understand digital marketing and how they can use different strategies to grow their online visibility.

Matthew believes moving online is the best way for both large and small businesses to create sustainable and predictable customer acquisition processes that will provide greater stability in case of a world shutdown. Technology helps us stay connected from anywhere and establishing your brand in the digital world gives you an upper hand, says Matthew.

He explains that at the start of COVID, many small businesses were forced to close down as their target audience switched to online buying. Before COVID, small businesses didn’t do a lot of digital marketing but relied on word of mouth and customer referrals, which was sustainable then. But when COVID shut down businesses, most realized these client acquisition strategies were not as effective, leading to the massive shift from traditional stores to online shopping.

However, as it was an abrupt transition and the space was new to most, it was difficult to successfully navigate the space. As the world recovers from the pandemic, Matthew believes the best way for business owners to avoid such a massive hit is to build their online and offline brands in a simple, quick, and effective way. Matthew understands the importance for building “low inertia” solutions with reduced setup on the part of his clients and can be started and stopped instantaneously, all while not compromising on quality and results. These digital solutions provide tools to businesses that grow their online brand, improve rankings, and facilitate the customer acquisition process. Each solution is tailored to the needs and goals of each client. And Matthew says he has invested heavily into his matrix of consultants, contractors, and marketers in order to offer his clients top notch services. This matrix, he adds, is what makes Angel City’s comprehensive catalog of services possible, along with his clients’ results.

For Angel City Business Development, the bottom line is to help clients attract new customers. They create and implement targeted online advertisements, manage social media and social growth, create aesthetic and search engine friendly websites, and offer one-on-one business consulting to improve and develop scalable business processes and resolve internal business problems.

Angel City also helps with content creation and email marketing, and it has a number of other services that the team bakes into their customized solutions for its clients and can be found on his website. He developed a unique system, the Angel City Turnkey System or ACT System, which is Angel City’s customizable and comprehensive growth and marketing strategy for every business owner. 

Matthew began on social media to encourage and inspire, an experience that led him to start a marketing agency. He noted many businesses were losing because they didn’t have proper marketing strategies. This led him to develop the ACT system, which is his response to the labyrinth of difficulties business owners now face trying to navigate the new and ever-changing marketing landscape. 

Who is Matthew McNab? Matthew studied Engineering Physics in college. He then worked for one and a half years in the aerospace industry (Boeing) and taught physics in high school for two years before he ventured into business. Matthew also worked in the medical industry as a financial manager for five years while also receiving his EMT certification. During that time, he started building his online brand. Initially, he only wanted to create a platform that would inspire others. After some time, Matthew started Angel City Business Development to continue spreading the message to a broader audience and help businesses grow without compromising on value and integrity. 

Matthew and Angel City Business Development are located in his hometown of Los Angeles where it helps local and out-of-state businesses.

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