Kameo, A Leader In Innovative Health-tech Solutions, Announces The Launch Of Their Cutting-Edge App With Artificial Intelligence Result-Detecting Technology

Los Angeles, United States – 10-17-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Kameo’s new app gives you the ability to track antigen testing while saving time and resources by using artificial intelligence to detect results automatically.

Today, Kameo announced the launch of their new mobile application which can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Kameo is a female, veteran, and producer-founded company whose mission is to make it easy for productions to manage health & safety on set. Kameo’s new mobile application is designed to instantly and automatically detect the results of users’ self-administered COVID tests using Artificial Intelligence results-detecting technology. The self-administered FlowFlex module includes thorough instructions and helps you manage testing schedules, all in one place. The application can also be used on desktop for those that don’t have access to a mobile device.

On set, tracking all tests can be burdensome given that everyone may be tested in different places with different test types. With Kameo’s app, The test results page seamlessly tracks all testing history and results in one place – automatically track on-site test results in the same place as your self-administered tests, all the while having the ability to download PDFs. Additionally, productions that require cast & crew to abide by specific guidelines can ensure they are being followed with ease such as a symptom screener, vaccine requirements, and automated testing schedules. Note, the symptom screener is an optional feature and can be completed directly through the app, and easily monitored by admins. Once the crew member meets all necessary requirements, their health passport will reflect this – ensuring that the Health & Safety team doesn’t need to spend extra time cross-referencing credentials. 

Users will also be able to access The Kameo Shop to order over-the-counter COVID tests in bulk – the Kameo app has integrated with the best bulk OTC tests on the market.

The app will enhance the COVID managing experience for film and television productions, and new markets alike. In addition to the convenience that the app will provide, Kameo’s platform currently offers a suite of comprehensive tools such as bill tracking, messaging via email and text message, and more. With Kameo’s AI results-detecting technology, there is no better way to track antigen testing while saving time and resources than through Kameo’s new app.

About Kameo

Kameo is a female-founded company and is currently led by Alex Ostebo (Founder & President), Matt Hibberd (CEO), and Sebastian Hayto (COO). Kameo was founded as a response to the entertainment industry’s need for more systemized, streamlined health testing and management procedures in the era of COVID-19. The company is a female and veteran-founded initiative that offers flexible COVID-19 management solutions and software. 

Kameo has evolved with the industry, and now has four core offerings: on-site testing solutions, an app, a SaaS Platform, and a bulk OTC COVID test shop. One of the most recognized platforms for the Film & TV Industry, Kameo was also named Inc.’s Best in Business for Pandemic Response in 2021 and is now recognized as Hollywood’s most trusted testing partner.

As a leader in innovative health-tech solutions, Kameo offers clients a comprehensive suite of tools through their platform, including testing management and scheduling, digital vaccination tracking, customizable symptom questionnaires, and more. When it comes to providing flexible testing services, Kameo leverages over 200 nurses, a fleet of mobile labs, and a network of 30 high-throughput PCR labs for efficient onsite testing with fast results across the United States.

Kameo has successfully supported over 500 productions and administered more than 370,000 COVID-19 tests for clients including Netflix, Disney, Sony Pictures, Viacom, Legendary, HBO, and others. They have now expanded further, offering their services to businesses of various sizes and industries. For more information, please visit Kameo.co.

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