Lincoln Greenidge will be Inducted into IAOTP’s Hall of Fame at their Annual Awards Gala in Las Vegas

New York, New York, United States – 10-26-2022 –

Lincoln E.C. Greenidge is a Financial executive with former roles as Chief Financial Officer of LSC Lithium Corporation, LeadFX Inc. WeedMD, Pasofino Gold, and currently CFO of Sandfire Resources America Inc.  He also held roles as Vice President, Finance & Controller of Enirgi Group Corporation, and Corporate Controller of IAMGOLD and HudBay Minerals.  He will be inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). His expertise and extraordinary talents have afforded him this merit.

Inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor, only 10 IAOTP members are inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame. These special honorees are distinguished based on their longevity in their fields, their contributions they have made to society and the impact they had on their industries. Mr. Greenidge will be inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame at IAOTP’s 2022 Annual Awards Gala being held at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas this December.

The President of IAOTP, Stephanie Cirami stated, “We are honored to have Mr. Greenidge as part of the IAOTP family. In addition to his long list of accomplishments, he is a true leader in his field. He has dedicated all his time and knowledge to several endeavors, with his passion for seeing others succeed through his efforts of service. We look forward to honoring his merits with our exclusive Hall of Fame induction.”

Originally from St. Lucia, Lincoln knew at a very young age he wanted to work in the finance field. After working at the National Commercial bank of St. Lucia he migrated to Ottawa, Canada.

Lincoln received his Business Administration diploma from Algonquin College and completed his 4-year B.Comm degree majoring in Accounting, from  the University of Ottawa, where he graduated with honors.

Mr. Greenidge has close to three decades of professional experience within finance. Lincoln’s impressive repertoire of roles he has held, have been in six different industries (Banking, Audit and Assurance, Hi-Tech, Health Sciences, Dry Foods manufacturing, and Mining). He has worked for Coopers and Lybrand, Nortel, MDS, IAMGOLD, HudBay, Enirgi LeadFX, LSC Lithium, WeedMD, Pasofino Gold, and Sandfire Resources America.

Lincoln’s key responsibilities included but were not limited to: Financial Regulatory Compliance; Forecasting; Budgeting; Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructurings, Due Diligence, Risk Management, Internal Controls, Building High-Performance Teams, and Information Technology. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Lincoln has been recognized worldwide and has received numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding leadership and commitment to the industries in which he worked. He was featured on the famous Reuters Building in Times Square, was interviewed on TIP Radio by Miss Universe, and was honored at IAOTP’s 2021 Annual Awards Gala at the Plaza Hotel as Top Chief Financial Officer of the Decade. In 2019 he was selected as Business Innovator of the Year and was featured in TIP Magazine in 2018. Lincoln received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from IAOTP in 2017 and  he was named Top CFO of the Year for 2016 by IAOTP. In addition to his successful career, Lincoln is also a passionate writer and has authored numerous articles which are published on LinkedIn. 

Lincoln’s latest Undertaking is in writing his first book, which surprisingly is not a finance book.  His book, soon to be published is called “No more EXCUSES,”, and is a book each chapter highlighting an excuse that is used regularly keeping people from pursuing a life of meaning and purpose. Lincoln believes that this book is necessary for all, irrespective of their field of work, as even in Finance, the key to success is first having a passion for what you do, believing in yourself, and going above and beyond in using your gifts, talents, and skills, to serve others. 

On a personal level in Lincoln’s family life, his son (Tyler) who is now 15 years old, at 21 months was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called bilateral retinoblastoma (eye cancer).  As a result of this diagnosis, his son’s left eye was replaced with a prosthetic eye leaving Tyler without sight in his left eye and with limited peripheral vision.  After the surgery, Tyler underwent chemotherapy to address the cancer tumors which were still alive in his right eye.  After much chemotherapy sessions the cancer was under control.  A year after that, Lincoln’s son was also diagnosed with Autism.  To date, there has been much improvement and he remains hopeful that his son will continue to overcome any obstacle.  Lincoln feels blessed to have two wonderful children, Tyler his genius son and Alyssa, his daughter who has the voice of an angel.  

Lincoln has said that if he has overcome any battles, such battles are minor compared to what he has seen others go through.  A quote that remains with him every day, which was passed on by his cousin Jenny, is this “I grumbled when I had no shoes, then I met a man with no feet”.  We are all blessed, if we look at the positive in life, rather than the negative.

Lincoln continues to look forward to sharing his learnings with others as he finds great joy in seeing others succeed and fulfill their potential. 

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