PolitiPipe Launched To Give Voters A Say In Fighting Misinformation

Atlanta, Georgia, United States – 11-01-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

FactPipe Inc. is proud to announce the launch of PolitiPipe.com, a site that helps experts and the general public fight politics related misinformation. 

PolitiPipe uses weighted collective intelligence to gauge trustworthiness of internet content including political news, tweets and ads. Users can view color coded Trust Scores to quickly see what is trustworthy vs. what might be dubious. 
Via a PolitiPipe spokesperson, “Individual experts and fact-checkers have inherent biases, and MSM and large tech companies are often not trusted to provide unbiased information. We launched Politipe as a resource where voters from across the political spectrum have a say in what is trustworthy. We encourage input from everyone whatever your viewpoint, no single person decides what is true, instead we arrive at it based on a collective trust.” 

PolitiPipe believes accuracy and trust should not be based on popularity, who shouts the loudest, or by media pundits and content moderators. Instead, there should be multiple factors considered and weighed accordingly.     
Trust Scores are calculated based on a variety of factors related to registration level, expertise, accuracy patterns, bias detection and other criteria. In this way everyone gets a say but it is not simply a popularity contest

Users of the site can view color-coded Trust Scores, add their own rating via an embedded slider as well as comment on items they’ve rated.
Additionally, those with the PolitiPipe browser extension, (and upcoming mobile app), can add articles or tweets to the site simply by rating them. Scores can be viewed on PolitiPipe.com or when browsing scored content with the extension enabled.  

PolitiPipe is a free service offered by FactPipe Inc., creator of the Trust As A Service™ model for internet content. FactPipe identified the issue of internet misinformation over a decade ago and is independently funded with no political or corporate biases or affiliations.  

Please contact [email protected] with any questions or comments.

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