5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Move Into Assisted Living Before Winter Hits

New York City, United States – 11-07-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

For older adults in the Northeastern U.S., winter can be a difficult time of year. Wintertime often leaves seniors cold and alone. Frigid temperatures, snow, and icy roads make travel difficult, and even frozen spots around the home can be treacherous and lead to a catastrophic accident. If you have been thinking about assisted living for yourself, your parent, or a loved one, you might want to consider a move this year before winter strikes. Relocating to an assisted living community is a good idea any time of year, but here are a few advantages to making a move before winter hits:


Seniors must be extra careful during the winter months. The cold weather can impede travel on roadways, freeze water pipes, and even make the sidewalk or stairs dangerous to use. Severe winter storms can knock out power and lines of communication, which can be deadly for seniors who are not as capable around the home. Even seniors with family members nearby who care for them can be at risk, as bad weather can cause a lengthy delay in getting to their loved one’s house to shovel snow or scatter ice melt pellets. Also, many seniors live in older homes that require expensive upkeep for winterization during the cold months, like plastic lining on the windows and a more expensive gas or electric bill. 

Residents can avoid risky travel at an assisted living community and don’t have to worry about shoveling snow from the roof, sidewalk, or driveway or lifting heavy ice melt bags. Assisted living communities have staff members who handle all the winter maintenance, so there’s no delay when inclement weather hits. Residents will enjoy 24-hour, on-call maintenance service for emergencies and bad weather. Many communities also have backup generators or additional power sources, so there is no lapse in heat or electricity, even during the worst winter storms. Community residents can relax, enjoy the beautiful snowfall, and ensure that everything is taken care of.


Winter is the snow season – especially in the northeast – but it’s also the time of colds, the flu, and Covid. With seniors especially susceptible to winter illnesses, it’s essential to make wise choices regarding their health. By residing in an assisted living community, seniors can avoid winter illnesses in a warm, clean setting with medical professionals handy to monitor their health daily. At an assisted living community, even the slightest sniffles are remedied. 

Staff members can ensure residents stay updated on the latest vaccinations and medicine, so every resident is in their best health. All medication and examinations occur in the community, if possible, so the need for travel is limited. Residents and their loved ones will enjoy not having to deal with billing from multiple doctors or healthcare providers or commuting around the city in bad weather for check-ups or prescriptions. 


Being shut in and isolated during the winter can be challenging for anyone, especially a living-alone senior. Getting out can be difficult and unadvisable, and getting proper exercise or sunshine during the cold months may be tricky. Activities like taking a walk, working in the garden, or playing golf might not be available, and if seniors are inactive, they are more susceptible to depression and illness. Many assisted living communities have a wellness director or fitness instructor that can craft a unique workout plan tailored to the resident’s goals and wishes. There’s always something to do in a group or on your own to keep residents’ minds active. 

There is a lot going on when you live in an assisted living community. Residents can walk down the hall to the fitness center or take an activities class without wearing a winter coat or even going outside. Communities regularly offer aerobics, yoga, a heated indoor swimming pool, organized games and gatherings, and schedules trips off-site for exciting local happenings and shopping. There are activities coordinators and staff on hand to assist at events to ensure residents don’t have to do anything but have a wonderful time!


Getting to the grocery store can be a challenge for seniors during the winter. In an assisted living community, there’s no need to stock a pantry or prepare three square meals daily. Communities have dieticians and kitchen staff to prepare tasty, healthy, and restaurant-quality meals. Residents with unique dietary concerns don’t need to worry, and there’s no need to count calories. 

Even during bad weather, there isn’t a food shortage. Many assisted living communities also have shuttles to and from the store or grocery delivery services available for residents who want snacks or to prepare something special. Shopping lists should be shorter since you won’t be preparing as many meals. Capable residents can still cook in your apartment if they want. 


Winter can be lonely. Social isolation is associated with an increased risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, and depression. Residents in a senior living community are surrounded by friends and colleagues who make winter more enjoyable. Winter is a festive season in most senior living communities, with many Christmas celebrations and seasonal events on the calendar. Plus, there are always classes, clubs, and activities to train your mind and strengthen your spirit.

Entering assisted living provides a built-in community. Seniors have new neighbors in the same neighborhood with whom they can spend time, eat, and participate in activities. Rather than dreading the colder months, moving into a helpful living community can make winter an enjoyable time for seniors. Instead, they will be surrounded by a group of friends and colleagues who can keep them safe, healthy, and engaged.

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