LeadgendigitalX.com Takes Care of Your Business 24/7 While You Do Your Work

British Columbia, Canada – 11-10-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

In today’s world, digital marketing is a valuable asset for your business’s growth and success. It is the best way to stay ahead of your competition and get your brand story to your target audience as more people now use the internet. More than five billion people worldwide use the internet, and as a business owner, using the various social media platforms to market your products/services can dramatically increase your sales. But it can be hard to keep up with marketing trends and still take care of business. This is where LeadgendigitalX steps in. Leadgen Digital by Shan Hendy is a full-service agency taking care of your marketing and giving you and your in-house team time to oversee the larger marketing strategy. 

Leadgen Digital X helps brands and personalities look good on social media. They leverage their influencer network to help small businesses and larger corporations build their social media presence. Leadgen Digital X offers website development, social media management, brand design and strategy, content marketing, and paid media.

Leadgen Digital partnered with leading publications to get their client’s placement. Shan Hendy works with a team of writers, well-versed in SEO, who are helping different brands tell a compelling story that will give the target audience a clear picture of their business and organically drive customers to their website.

Shan’s distinct approach to digital marketing and diverse experience makes him stand out and helps his clients become authorities in the competitive field. He worked in different fields, including the energy industry.

Shan has been in the industry for many years, in Oil Gas Nuclear Cogeneration handling different tasks until his retirement. When he retired, he didn’t want to stay idle. He was looking for something new to do and discovered digital marketing. Shan invested in market research and learned from other experts in the industry. He reviewed various digital marketing books, blog posts, and videos, leading him to Leadgen Digital X.

Shan noted most businesses fail when building their social media presence. Social media presence goes beyond a large Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram following, he says. He explains that having many followers with zero engagement adds no value to the business. Social media presence is about creating content tailored to the needs and interests of your target audience. This means creating content that fits your business goals and speaks to your target audience, as that will help you increase engagement, build trust, and better understand your audience.

Shan is applying the above in his strategies by helping clients create, maintain, and grow their social media presence and improve their SEO and sales while removing marketing headaches. LeadgenDigitalX’s goal is to get you results and reduce your marketing stress. They take care of your business 24/7 while you do your work.

Shan also shares his experience in the business world over the last few years to help others find their way. He shows entrepreneurs that it is never too late to take a new path and built a top, full-service digital marketing agency.

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