How Acceleratedx Scales Businesses to 7-Figures Within One Year

Georgia, United States – 11-18-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Quite underlooked, however, the most challenging phase of a business isn’t starting out but rather scaling up consistently. A business is more than just an idea that fulfills a need. It needs capital to develop and the right planning to build revenue-generating channels. Unfortunately, this has been the pitfall of most budding entrepreneurs, who eventually quit the space despite having incredible business ideas. Acceleratedx, a business growth platform, is helping these businesses by providing the tools and resources essential to survive and scale up. Harriette K. Burrell, a mother, and a serial entrepreneur is the co-founder of Acceleratedx. 

It all started after Harriette K. Burrell noticed the plight of emerging entrepreneurs of color and the communities who support them. She has owned and operated a successful digital marketing agency for ten years. The company, now a part of Acceleratedx, was focused on developing online growth strategies for black-owned businesses. But, over a period, Harriette realized that simply focusing on scaling up sales would not help emerging black entrepreneurs sustain themselves in the long run. These budding businesses might generate incredible revenues for a while, but it needs seasoned and knowledgeable entrepreneurs as the driving force to bring long-term growth. 

Another drawback of black-owned start-ups was the shortage of capital, which is common in every small business. As a result, young entrepreneurs with no knowledge or experience in the industry struggle to get funds to keep their businesses afloat. This is where Harriette thought of closing the gap by creating a platform that would not only design growth strategies but also educate and financially support black-owned start-ups. Thus, Acceleratedx was launched as a growth platform for emerging entrepreneurs. 

At Acceleratedx, aspiring entrepreneurs of color and communities that support them can get educated on different areas of businesses across industries. The platform offers seasoned entrepreneurs, high-performing executives, and industry leaders on-demand masterclasses. Industry experts at Acceleratedx cover music direction, mobile apps, photography, business with pricing, funding raising, and even bootstrapping a start-up. Entrepreneurs get access to the best information through online masterclasses and live interactive sessions involving the Acceleratedx community. 

Acceleratedx connects them to funding opportunities through their valuable networking with funding institutions and investors to support budding businesses. The platform ensures that no impactful idea is shelved due to a lack of capital to convert it into a business. To further boost the growth of black-owned new businesses, Acceleratedx develops result-oriented digital marketing strategies that generate revenue. All members at Acceleratedx can access current and future courses on the platform in addition to direct access to tools and resources to grow their start-ups into giant brands. 

So far, Acceleratedx has scaled up numerous companies with its proven tools and resources. From brands scaling up from zero to six figures in just 30 days to those raking up millions in revenue within 11 months, Acceleratedx has many successful stories to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs. Currently, the platform has 3K members and has connected a few small businesses to funding opportunities that have distributed more than a million in funding this year. 

Acceleratedx is all about real-time results; thus, it has helped hundreds of successful business owners. Harriette K. Burrell and her team at Acceleratedx now look forward to reaching more emerging entrepreneurs to help them leverage education, tools, and resources to start, sustain, and scale their impactful ideas.

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