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Raising funds for even the best of real estate development projects is a daunting task. It is especially challenging for emerging real estate developers with some development experience but who don’t have the tenure expected by institutional lenders and financiers.  Other avenues like private lending and financing options take a long time, processes are complex, and decision-making is opaque, ultimately resulting in less desirable terms for the developer.  Also, institutional financiers typically fund large-sized investments, leaving the smaller developers with sub-$10 M-sized fundraises to turn to these private networks. On most occasions, private lenders’ terms are so high that they are optimal only as a bridge.

Now, there is a better way! RealtySlices is a start-up focused on emerging real estate developers with local experience and execution chops, helping them raise equity funds in the sub-$10M ticket size.  RealtySlices helps them raise equity funds through fractional real estate investing, supported by pillars of Simplicity, Affordability, and Trust. Developers have ready access to a stream of accredited real estate investors tuned to such promising projects from emerging developers. Our focus is real estate, and the entire fund-raising process on our platform has been fine-tuned around the needs of such real estate developers and investors; we don’t do crypto or NFTs or fund-raising for start-ups; all we do is real estate equity fund-raising on a deal-by-deal basis through passive fractional real estate investing, backed by smart contracts. Period.

RealtySlices is founded by Pavan Narkulla and Nagesh Pabbisetty, two ex-Microsoft execs with almost two decades of real estate development and investing experience, and multiple decades of software development and business experience. Co-founder and CEO Nagesh Pabbisetty said “For the US economy to turn around, we should enable a thousand flowers to bloom. Through RealtySlices, we are making real estate fund-raising faster, cheaper, and streamlined, for emerging real estate developers in the sub-$10M equity-raise segment.” He added, “The financing market segment serving this sub-$50M project size has the highest transaction volume and is ripe for disruption by applying the power of SaaS and fractional real estate investing backed by smart contracts”. 

To all real estate developers raising equity of $10M or less for your promising real estate projects, talk to us! We would be glad to help you raise funds in a faster, cheaper, and more streamlined way!!

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