Richmond Plastic Surgeon Highlights the Pros & Cons of Breast Fat Transfer

Richmond, Virginia, United States – 12-07-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Dr. Neil Zemmel discusses the many benefits of natural breast augmentation using fat grafts, as well as the limitations of this increasingly popular technique.

Richmond, VA – Breast augmentation has long been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, but an alternative to breast implants has become more sought after in recent years. As an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in Richmond, Dr. Neil Zemmel has helped many women at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery enhance their natural beauty with the latest breast augmentation techniques, including the increasingly popular breast fat transfer. Also referred to as breast fat grafting or a natural breast augmentation, this innovative solution involves harvesting excess fat cells via liposuction from one area, such as the thighs or abdomen, and transferring it to the breasts. 

Dr. Zemmel has found breast fat transfer to be highly advantageous for the right individuals, whether they undergo the procedure alone or in conjunction with another breast procedure. They detail some of the top benefits of breast fat transfer as follows.

Pros of Breast Fat Transfer:

  • More Natural Option: When used as an alternative to breast implants, fat grafts can enhance a patient’s breast shape and size using their own tissue, hence the name “natural breast augmentation.”
  • Avoid Implant-Related Risks: While breast implants have been safely used for decades, they come with the risk of certain complications, like rippling, rupture, capsular contracture, and symptoms of breast implant illness. Breast fat transfer allows patients to avoid these risks.
  • Minimal Scarring: Since fat transfer only requires a small needle to inject the prepared fat into the breasts, there is essentially no scar left behind, and the incisions used during liposuction are extremely small, providing less overall scarring compared to those typically caused by breast implant placement.
  • Additional Contouring from Donor Site: Breast fat transfer involves removing fat from an area of excess so it can be redistributed to the breasts. This provides an added benefit of sculpting another body area for a more toned-looking physique.

While Dr. Zemmel notes there are many benefits to breast augmentation with fat transfer, he explains that as with any procedure, there are limitations and potential risks. He recognizes possible cons of the technique below.

Cons of Breast Fat Transfer:

  • Fat Resorption: An unavoidable side effect of fat grafting is that approximately 30% of the transferred fat will be absorbed by the body. To counteract this occurrence, some patients opt to undergo a second fat transfer procedure to regain some of the lost fat cells.
  • More Subtle Enhancement: Breast fat transfer is ideal for those wanting to increase their bust by about one cup size. Those wanting a more significant breast enlargement may be better suited for breast implants with or without the addition of fat grafts.
  • Excess Fat Is Necessary: Thinner patients who do not have adequate fat stores may not be good candidates for fat transfer. Their donor site must have enough excess fat to safely be transferred to the breasts.
  • Added Cost of Two Procedures: In many cases, fat transfer to the breast is a bigger investment than getting breast implants alone. This is due to the process essentially involving two separate procedures: liposuction followed by the preparation and re-injection of the harvested fat. That said, many individuals find the benefits of fat transfer is worth the increased procedural cost.

Dr. Zemmel strives to educate patients on their options, and for those wanting a more subtle breast enlargement, breast fat transfer can be a viable solution. While some women can benefit from fat transfer alone, Dr. Zemmel explains that others can better achieve their aesthetic goals by combining fat transfer with another procedure, such as a breast lift or traditional augmentation. In fact, he says that breast fat transfer is often combined with breast augmentation using implants to improve symmetry and further refine results for a more natural look.

The Richmond plastic surgeon recommends anyone interested in breast fat transfer to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to learn whether the advanced technique is right for them. 

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