Sydney Dentists Discuss Replacement Options For Missing Teeth

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – 12-06-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The Paddington Dental Surgery’s dental team discusses the most popular and effective options for missing teeth, from bridges to implant dentures and more.

Sydney, AU – As top Sydney dentists, the team at The Paddington Dental Surgery is aware of the harm a missing tooth can pose to a patient’s oral health. In their professional experience, teeth can go missing for a multitude of reasons, not limited to decay, gum disease, accident and injury. Even a single missing tooth, they continue, can do more than disrupt the aesthetic of the smile; missing teeth can also render everyday activities such as eating, chewing and speaking much more difficult. In addition, missing teeth can cause the jawbone and gums to recede, the surrounding teeth to shift position and the face to take on a “sunken” appearance. 

The Sydney dentists offer a number of potential solutions for missing teeth. Firstly, the team notes that it is important to preserve broken or damaged teeth, as doing so can reduce the risk of the tooth falling out. This can often be achieved with a dental crown, which – according to The Paddington Dental Surgery – is one of the most versatile examples of restorative dentistry. Crowns are placed atop a vulnerable tooth to protect it from additional damage and restore its function. In many cases, the dentists state, bridges can also be effective in taking the place of a weak or missing tooth. These restorations consist of an artificial tooth and at least two dental crowns, which can fill the space left by a missing tooth. 

Alternatively, if a tooth is missing completely, the dentists say that dental implants are typically the first treatment they recommend. Considered the gold standard for tooth replacement in the modern dental world, implants are available in several varieties, from traditional single-tooth implants to implant dentures to the innovative All-on-4™ system, the dentists explain. They inform their patients that implants consist of a titanium root, which is surgically embedded into the jawbone, as well as an artificial tooth that replaces the visible portion. They continue to say that All-on-4™ implants are especially popular due to their ability to replace full rows of teeth while often creating a comfortable fit, free of the slippage associated with traditional dentures.

On a final note, the dentists of The Paddington Dental Surgery remind patients that the best way to determine which tooth replacement option is ideal for their needs is to consult an experienced restorative dentist. A quality dentist will evaluate the patient’s oral health thoroughly before determining the safest and most effective course of action. 

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