Is The American Dream Dead?

California, United States – 12-16-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Statistics show that small businesses create two out of three new jobs in the market, accounting for 44% of the US economy. The Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates that over 600,000 new businesses are opened each year. According to the report, there are a total of 32.5 million small businesses in the US, accounting for 99.9% of total businesses in the US. However, the bad news is that out of the 600,000 small businesses opened each year, 20% fail in the first two years, 45% fail in five years, and 65% fail in ten years. It was saddening for Cory Etheridge to learn this, and he decided to start Etheridge Marketing Solutions to help sort out the problem.

Etheridge Marketing Solutions is a company focusing on improving the local US markets. Founded by Cory Etheridge, the company works on bringing local markets out of scarcity, building brand credibility and authority, and helping its clients to scale their income to 6-7 figures. Cory Etheridge talks of how he founded the agency after realizing that small businesses are the backbone of the US economy, and without them, the US dream would not exist.

Cory partnered with a world-class team to build a system tested on thousands of clients and optimized over the years. The team is full of experts with a ton of experience, thus offering clients first-class business solutions. The key focus of Etheridge Marketing Solutions is to help your business grow and prosper to levels that you have dreamed of. Through cutting-edge marketing strategies, smart social listening, and bespoke services, your marketing strategy covers all your needs and maps out specific steps towards your targets. Here’s something interesting about the agency: they specialize in the health industry.

Cory narrates how a doctor saved his life after experiencing a temporal skull fracture. This lifetime moment for Cory explains why his agency is niched to doctors. After the surgery, the healing process was demanding, but it offered him an insight into the natural healing of the body and mind. This is when the epiphany happened for Cory, as he realized that there is much room for improvement in the way health practitioners brand themselves online.

Started by the people, made for the people, is the perfect description you can give to Etheridge Marketing Solutions. The agency leads with value to deliver excellence to its numerous clients, which is mainly a great drive to its success. Integrity is the core value at Etheridge Marketing Solutions, which helps the agency achieve success for the client. This is despite how big or small the client is. At Etheridge Marketing Solutions, the dream is to help as many businesses as possible.

If you’re a small business owner looking for someone to hold your hand and grow with you, look no further. Etheridge Marketing Solutions will offer you this and more. Grow your dream business into a 6-7 figure business and learn how to survive the tough business world. Etheridge Marketing Solutions believes that the American dream is not dead, with the small business empowered and prospering.

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