Wellness Patients on Demand Now Offers New Exciting Services

Washington, United States – 12-19-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

As internet users continue to grow, digital marketing is fast becoming essential in every industry, including healthcare. People have turned to digital means to find doctors, look up symptoms and find other medical information. According to data from a recent study, about 88% of people look online for health information. Of this, 70% reported that the health information they found influences their treatment decisions, making a solid online presence for healthcare facilities/providers critical. Wellness Patients on Demand is a digital marketing agency helping healthcare providers become authorities in the digital space through SEO, paid media, social media, and their newest services, Podcast Guest Placements, and Articles Published in local Health and Fitness Magazines.

Wellness Patients on Demand offers targeted healthcare SEO services, as the team of experts helps you create useful and informative healthcare blogs and build an optimized website. Wellness Patients on Demand is a one-stop solution for digital marketing; from website optimization for mobile, off-page SEO, and on-page SEO, to improving traffic and helping clients convert visitors into prospects easily. 

They also have a strong reputation for establishing an excellent social media presence and increasing user engagement and following. In addition, the Wellness Patients on Demand team curates educational content for their clients. They create content depending on the niche, what is trending, and what the audience wants to know. Their distinct approach to digital marketing and view of the healthcare sector has helped them solidify their spot and get clients to the next level. 

Wellness Patients on Demand has now added new services, which, according to the team, will see them improve the organization’s ability to be found organically on SERPs and lower the cost of patient acquisition, all while improving retention rates. Wellness Patients on Demand believes in overall coverage and now get clients published in regional magazines. To do this, the agency has partnered with fitness and health magazines in the US and beyond to help clients cover more bases and share their brand stories. 

Wellness Patients on Demand is also helping healthcare providers secure guest speaker spots on podcasts. Podcasts have become increasingly popular- this is unarguably one of the best mediums to bring your business to the spotlight! 

According to Lisa Gagliano, a registered nurse, entrepreneur, and the founder of Wellness Patients on Demand, podcasts may be the best platforms for healthcare providers to educate the world, debunk common myths, and build trust and brand awareness. Many people turn to online platforms when they want information; however, this opens them up to potentially false information, especially when dealing with a peculiar niche, says Lisa Gagliano. She explains that not only are podcasts convenient, but they are also reliable sources of information as you get to hear from the experts.

Wellness Patients on Demand is working with health podcasts to get clients featured. They have partnered with several podcasts to help healthcare practitioners grow and expand their patient reach so they can impact more people. 

“Rather than seeing 100 patients daily for less than 5 minutes each, online information is a much smarter way of reaching patients, putting down practitioner burnout, and providing them with products and services. This will also help you grow your brand, and build trust and loyalty,” says Lisa Gagliano.

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