Austin Dentist Offers Tips on How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Austin, Texas, United States – 12-20-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Dr. Mark Sweeney of Austin Dental Spa details how prospective patients can ensure they are choosing the right cosmetic dentist.

Austin, TX — Finding the right cosmetic dentist can prove to be a difficult process for many prospective patients. Ensuring the cosmetic dentist is experienced, properly trained, and trustworthy are all important factors to consider, says Dr. Mark Sweeney, a cosmetic dentist in Austin. Dr. Sweeney admits that finding the right dentist, let alone a cosmetic dentist, can be an arduous task, as many people may not realize what makes a dental professional qualified in cosmetic procedures. To help guide those interested in cosmetic dentistry, he is providing several tips for potential dental patients to follow.

Confirm They Are a Cosmetic Dentist: A key factor in choosing a dentist for cosmetic treatments will be ensuring they are in fact a “cosmetic” dentist, Dr. Sweeney says. Cosmetic dentists often have additional training and a specific focus on cosmetic dentistry. General dentists, on the other hand, will typically only have training and experience in preventive and restorative dentistry.

Ask for Before-and-After Photos: Dr. Sweeney recommends searching or asking for before-and-after photos from the dentist they are considering, as this can provide a glimpse into the quality of their work. By viewing these transformation pictures of past patients, the prospective patient can determine if the doctor’s work aligns with their expectations. 

Read Patient Reviews: Most dentists have reviews shared about them online, and some offer testimonials from their previous patients on their websites. Dr. Sweeney explains that reading about other people’s experiences with a dentist can be a great way of vetting them and knowing what to expect.

Verify Credentials: Looking into a cosmetic dentist’s education, training, and experience with the procedure of interest is another helpful way to find the right fit, says Dr. Sweeney. If a dentist’s background is not available online, calling the practice and asking for their credentials is a worthwhile step in the research process. 

Build Trust: Having open communication and establishing a relationship with one’s cosmetic dentist can be important to the success of their future treatments, explains Dr. Sweeney. He adds that when a patient chooses a cosmetic dentist they truly trust, they typically feel more confident and comfortable throughout their journey to a beautiful smile. 

Finding the right cosmetic dentist is essential for achieving high-quality care and the type of results an individual desires. Dr. Sweeney believes that by following the guide above, people can better identify which professionals may be ideal for their unique needs and goals. When selecting a dentist, Dr. Sweeney wants patients to remember his motto: “Change your smile, change your life.”

About Mark Sweeney, DDS
​​​​​​​Dr. Mark Sweeney received his dental degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School. He is a member of several dental organizations, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the American Endodontic Society, which allows him to stay up to date on the latest dentistry trends and technologies. Dr. Sweeney has won first place for “Best Dentist” in Austin American-Statesman’s annual Best of the Best issue every year since 2019. He was also the first-place winner for “Best Cosmetic Dentist” in 2020 and 2022, placing as a top three finalist the years he was not in first place. Dr. Sweeney provides comprehensive dental care with Dr. Jordan Slagter at his private practice, Austin Dental Spa, offering services like dental implants, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, and more. Dr. Sweeney is available for interview upon request. 

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