Yily De Los Santos’s commitment to raising awareness about plastic surgery

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – 12-23-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The Dominican surgeon, Yily De Los Santos, helps patients detach themselves from the plastic surgery myths and emphasizes the importance of self-esteem before entering the operating room

In 2021, the global plastic surgery market reached $69.47 billion. According to Statista’s data, it is expected to grow by 9.5% by 2030.

Dr. Yily De Los Santos, a plastic surgeon, based in the Dominican Republic, is observing this growth firsthand.

Hundreds of patients come to her clinic, Yily Plástica, to experience the ‘SHOT: Security, Honesty, Opportunity, and Transformation’ philosophy.

‘It is about making them feel secure, conveying honesty, and offering an opportunity for great transformation,’ explains Dr. Yily De Los Santos.

The surgeon and her team’s commitment goes beyond the operating room.

Yily De Los Santos has assumed the responsibility of informing and educating on the myths and truths about plastic surgery.

‘We make sure our clients are aware of what plastic surgery entails and what we can do for them,’ says the Dominican Republic-based surgeon.

Myths about plastic surgery

People undergo plastic surgery for various reasons.

Either because they want to look more attractive or to correct natural body defects or deformities caused by an injury.

However, people believe that cosmetic surgery can solve all their problems.

‘About 85% of patients come with unrealistic beauty standards,’ says Dr. Yily De Los Santos.

The plastic surgery specialist is transparent and honest with her patients, seeking a balance between what they want, who they are, and what she can do for them.

‘I don’t sell dreams,’ explains Dr. Yily De Los Santos.

Yily De Los Santos also works on patients’ emotional aspects of the self because inner beauty is connected to outer beauty.

Social media pressure on plastic surgery

Social media is the best ally of cosmetic surgery.
Comparing your body to others or going to the plastic surgeon with a

picture of a celebrity is common in day-to-day aesthetic consults.

‘It is awful that the motivation for plastic surgery has nothing to do with themselves and that the aim is to please or look like someone else,’ Yily De Los Santos outlines.

And requests are increasing among youngsters.
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 20% of

cosmetic surgery procedures involve people aged 18 to 24.
‘I believe the demand for plastic surgery has risen because it is booming

thanks to social media,’ says Yily De Los Santos.

The role of self-esteem

The key is a better evaluation of expectations about plastic surgery.

‘Plastic surgery is not going to change your life. Of course, it can improve it, but life will be more or less the same, and it might make you feel better about yourself, ‘ Dr. Yily De Los Santos remarks.

Thus, people must also work on their self-esteem, and patients should have respect and care for themselves.

Yily De Los Santos laments, ‘when seeking perfection, we tend to overlook how good we are and, as a result, lose self-confidence.’

All these topics support Yily De Los Santos’s initial reasoning about the social awareness of plastic surgery.

‘Cosmetic surgery procedures are not a game and require responsibility because changing our physical appearance is a transcendental choice,’ concludes Dr. Yily De Los Santos.

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