Dotts Media House Launches a Program to Send Kids in the Slums to School as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities

Lagos, Nigeria – 01-16-2023 (PR Distribution™) –

Dotts Media House the leading Media Giant in Africa is investing 7 million dollars to educate the kids living in Slum areas of Africa. The program sponsor children from poor and slum areas for their education into formal schools. Impact studies by Dotts Media House show that the program has significantly decreased the school dropout rate which is a large problem in these communities as a child education is not prioritized due to social dogma and cultural traditions. This program pays for the education of the child, as well as uniforms, stationary and other study-related needs. The kids on this program are closely watched and their academic progress as well as social well-being is monitored.

The company’s program coordinator was fortunate to meet some of the mothers of the kids who had benefitted from this initiative, during his visit. Being a young man myself, you can imagine how excited the mothers were, to talk to me and share their experiences. Through a translator, I learnt that they all greatly valued our help and acknowledged that without it their children would be at home now or married. They told me that this was not the life they wanted for their kids and that they were now able to provide them with a better chance at life and not have to sacrifice their education due to poverty. So far, more than 1500 kids have benefited from this program.

Although poverty is the cause of a child being forced to drop out of school, it is the cultural mindset that needs to be tackled. It is for this reason that Dotts Media House tends to target the mothers of kids as they are often uneducated themselves and thus aware of the disadvantages it brings. Dotts Media House team works in the slum areas and tries to persuade mothers to send their kids to school. The staff highlights the need to break this cycle of poverty and a major pathway to doing it, is through education. They stress that with education their kids can become self-sufficient and not be dependent on anyone in the way that they have had to be. Interestingly, mothers of these kids have formed a community together and they regularly meet and socialize in an environment where they will not be judged for sending their kids to school.

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