The Wisdom of Squirrels

RHODE ISLAND – 02-20-2019 ( — Kingsley Books, an independent publisher of high-quality works of fiction and nonfiction, is pleased to announce the publication of Gabriel: King of Hearts, a fable for adults and near-adults.

According to author-publisher Tom Fitzgerald, “Gabriel, a pre-adolescent squirrel, is being tormented at school by the socially dominant letes, led by Chopper and Bammer, who are always finding new ways to humiliate Gabriel in front of their peers. Gabriel is estranged from a biological father who has lost all contact with his only son; alienated from a stepfather who seems to resent Gabriel’s very existence; and barely tolerated by a popular older sister, Cherice, who beats Gabriel time and again at video games. “Increasingly despondent and desperate, Gabriel sends a letter to Scurry McMurray, a celebrity pawnut player, requesting Scurry’s autograph. Gabriel hopes that possessing even a tiny piece of a celebrity pawnut player’s greatness will elevate his own stature in the eyes of his tormenters. “When Gabriel does not receive a reply, he sets out, woefully unprepared, on a quest to get the great Scurry McMurray’s autograph in person. Venturing deeper into the forest than he had ever been before, Gabriel becomes hopelessly lost. Then he hears something…”According to Fitzgerald, “Gabriel is a fable in the tradition of E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and Chris Noonan’s Babe, and is likely to have special appeal to anyone who has been bullied or marginalized in their life, or who has struggled to get comfortable in their own ‘fur.’“For Details, Visit Kingsley-Books!

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