A Surge in Low-Quality Home Repair Services is Costing Americans More Money

MINNEAPOLIS – 02-21-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Rogue home repair companies are trying to increase their profits while downgrading their standards… and homeowners are catching on 


La Crosse, Wisconsin – 2-22-19 — Quality over quantity has never been more important than when it comes to home repair services. Unfortunately, there is a growing trend in home repair companies trying to collect as much business as possible, while putting the quality of their craftsmanship on the backburner. 


“There are a lot of home repairmen and roofers out there that cut corners by using old materials that are worn down, and cheap labor to help them turn high profits,” says Dallas Werner, owner of First American Roofing & Siding in Holmen, Wisconsin, “Unfortunately this comes at a high price for the homeowner, who will have to pay for more repairs because they weren’t done properly the first time,” continues Werner. 


As a result of the rise of these low-quality service providers, homeowners are getting smarter by opting to hire long-established home exterior professionals instead. 


Homeowners are now checking review sites and making sure the provider has a permanent mailing address and phone number, carries insurance that protects them from liability, and has an established presence in your community. When it comes to signing a contract, they are thorough in reviewing the document. 


HGTV also recommends looking at credentials, interviewing candidates, and checking references to see if your home remodeler is top notch and to avoid paying for services you’ll later regret.  


“We understand that homeowners are hesitant to trust home repair companies because of the rise of imposters,” says Werner of the growing problem of low-quality home repair services, “That’s why we go out of our way to make sure our employees are properly trained with all roofing and siding certifications, even though it isn’t required, as well as treating all our customers will a high-level of professionalism.” 


Going forward, keep an eye out for more remodelers, contractors, and builders to go the extra mile to ensure that customers trust them, as well as make sure that they live up to the quality that they are promising. Subsequently, look for more homeowners to be more thorough in their decision-making when it comes to finding the right home repair providers for them. 

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